The Four P In Online Marketing

The Four P In Online Marketing

For those of​ you​ taking marketing classes,​ I am sure you​ are all very familiar with the​ 4 P's of​ marketing. They are Products,​ Place (Distribution),​ Promotion and Price. When you​ are marketing your website,​ you​ need to​ be aware of​ this four P. This four P helps you​ market your site effectively,​ just like when you​ are opening a​ retail store.

Product. What is​ your site's product or​ service? Are you​ selling services,​ tangible goods or​ both? Are you​ giving out free service to​ turn your customers to​ buy your products? or​ vice versa. Are you​ giving both free service and products to​ drive visitors which will drive your advertising revenue? Whatever you​ do,​ it​ is​ crucial to​ know your products so that you​ won't forget why you​ do all the​ promotion.

Place. This is​ the​ distribution channel of​ your products or​ services. if​ you​ are giving out free contents,​ make sure you​ distribute it​ well. if​ you​ merely post your content on​ your site,​ you​ are not using maximum distribution. Furthermore,​ if​ you​ are using unrelated forum or​ submission service to​ distribute your content,​ then you​ are wasting time. For example if​ you​ are distributing content about how to​ choose a​ credit card,​ you​ should be submitting your content to​ article submission service that specializes in​ finance first before distributing it​ elsewhere. This way,​ you​ will get a​ bunch of​ interested viewers instead of​ casual visitors.

Promotion. One way I can think of​ is​ to​ pay a​ text-ad at​ another website to​ describe the​ superiority of​ your product or​ service. Promotion normally involves spending money. Again,​ you​ need to​ focus your promotion on​ your core audience instead of​ blindly spending money on​ general audience.

Price. This is​ the​ pricing strategy of​ your product or​ service. the​ pricing strategy is​ very dependent on​ the​ other P of​ online marketing. if​ you​ are establishing yourself as​ a​ high-end mortgage lenders from the​ way you​ describe,​ distribute and promote your products,​ then your price should reflect that.

In online marketing,​ the​ 'place' aspect costs little or​ no money. This amazes me. For example,​ to​ create awareness of​ your website,​ you​ can list it​ to​ hundreds to​ thousands of​ free web directories. For content distribution,​ you​ can sign up and submit your article for free at​ various article submission service.

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