The Ford Edsel An Auto Industry Disaster In Car Design And Automobile Marketing

The Ford Edsel An Auto Industry Disaster In Car Design And Automobile

. to​ call a​ car or​ any product an​ “Edsel” is​ to​ provide the​ worst of​ insults. the​ Edsel was a​ car designed and manufactured by the​ Ford Motor Company of​ Dearborn – in​ the​ late 1950’s. 157,​ 1958,​ 1959 to​ be exact. the​ debacle of​ the​ Edsel was both one of​ the​ most spectacular and worst failures to​ befall the​ vibrant American automobile industry of​ that day. to​ call a​ car or​ any product an​ “Edsel” is​ to​ provide the​ worst of​ insults.

Some authorities will state that the​ reason for the​ Edsel’s failure was just poor market timing,​ not a​ poor product. Timing can be said to​ be most everything – vital for the​ success of​ failure of​ any product. in​ those days,​ before computerization allowed for rapid sharing an​ interchanges of​ design and the​ car design process – everything was done on​ paper. it​ took great amount of​ physical logistics and delays for the​ paperwork and blueprints to​ be sent and coordinated among the​ various players in​ the​ automobile design process. on​ top of​ that it​ seemed that “everyone “seemed to​ despise and those further down the​ line. the​ designers disliked their bosses and the​ engineers. the​ engineers hated the​ parts people etc etc etc. on​ top of​ that the​ name “Ford “was on​ the​ door signifying the​ ultimate authority in​ the​ car designs and marketing process. the​ Edsel project was initiated during a​ time of​ big cars – from G.M. the​ market leader ,​ yet introduced many years later when the​ concept of​ a​ second car ,​ a​ compact car,​ for the​ wife to​ drive the​ family and kids around was beginning to​ be established in​ the​ automobile marketplace

Other authorities will state that the​ reason for the​ poor market showing and demise of​ the​ Edsel was that it​ was just a​ poor product – poorly designed and poorly built. to​ further corroborate this viewpoint it​ is​ now known that the​ actual workers building the​ Edsels were none too happy building this model. the​ Edsel was not built on​ its dedicated Ford Division production line but rather the​ Edsel was built (or shared space) on​ Ford Mercury Division production line. These Mercury Division employees considered themselves as​ the​ luxury end of​ the​ Ford Car company entities and indeed saw themselves as​ a​ cut above the​ run of​ the​ mill Ford employee and workers.

They both resented the​ intrusion into their turf as​ they say it​ and as​ well felt that a​ Ford product was muscling into their terrain – that of​ more prestige vehicles. in​ the​ end the​ marketing and sales failures of​ the​ Ford Edsel can be said to​ be a​ combination of​ both factors.

Interestingly enough the​ unspoken order from the​ Ford family was that the​ new product – the​ “1958 Edsel” was to​ be named anything but Edsel. the​ late Edsel Ford was the​ founder Henry Ford’s only son and the​ grandfather of​ the​ then current patriarchs commanding and directing the​ Ford Empire. the​ senior Ford even stated that he did not want to​ see his late grandfather’s name spinning around on​ hubcaps. the​ design development process had worked with the​ “E” or​ “Experimental” Car. Since it​ was such a​ major and revolutionary product of​ Ford many assumed that the​ designation “E” car had of​ course stood for Edsel. How better to​ honor such a​ major figure in​ the​ Ford family and empire. Imagine if​ the​ name had not stuck. Would it​ of​ made a​ difference in​ the​ ultimate success or​ failure of​ the​ sales and marketing of​ this automobile product.

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