The Escort Passport 8500 Making Your Driving Easier

The Escort Passport 8500 Making Your Driving Easier

Escort has been known for​ its incomparable radar detectors for​ many years now. Their Passport detectors are often classified as​ the best radar detectors in​ the business. an​ excellent example of​ this​ is​ the Escort Passport 8500 radar detector.

The Escort Passport 8500 offers advanced digital signal processing which can be reprogrammed. it​ will also allow you​ to​ customize your​ detector to​ suit your​ needs. this​ radar detectors has a​ very clever auto sensitivity mode, which automatically reduces false alarms. and​ what makes this​ all the better is​ that it​ reduces these false alarms better than other radar detectors.

Many consumers buy the Escort Passport 8500 because of​ its appearance. it​ has a​ sleek modern design that is​ pleasing on​ the eyes. it​ has an​ attractive design, which is​ clothed with platinum sheet metal.

The Escort Passport 8500 radar detector has the following feature:

• it​ has a​ 360 degree radar and​ laser coverage
• it​ offers POP3, K & Ka, L, X, K, and​ Photo detection.
• it​ has a​ VG-2 alert that makes the Escort 8500 invisible to​ majority of​ radar detectors.
• it​ has mute button​ and​ LED indicator light.
• it​ has an​ adjustable brightness and​ sound.
• it​ has a​ bar graph LED signal strength meter.
• it​ has a​ Spec Display, which displays numerical digital readouts.
• it​ has an​ auto mute, which turns the sound off after making alerts.
• it​ has the ability to​ detect eight signals at​ one time.
• this​ radar detector allows you​ to​ detect upto, two Ka, 2K bands and​ up to​ four X bands.
• it​ has a​ very comprehensive owner’s manual.
• it​ comes with built-in​ customizable settings. this​ feature allows you​ to​ update your​ Escort Passport 8500 when new radar technology becomes available.
• it​ also has a​ nighttime feature.

Unlike other radar detectors, the Escort 8500 alerts you​ to​ radar threats by means of​ a​ beep, which becomes more persistant as​ you​ get closer to​ the radar signal.

The Escort also comes with a​ very easy to​ read red colored LED display. a​ blue LCD display is​ available, though it​ will cost you​ 40 dollars or​ more extra.

you​ can order the Escort Passport 8500 through internet suppliers or​ any local mobile electronics outlet.

The Escort Passport 8500 Making Your Driving Easier

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