The Dos And Donts Of Koi Ponds

The Dos and​ Don’ts of​ Koi Ponds
First, you​ must understand​ that Koi ponds are not just simply holes in​ the ground that you​ can keep fish in​ .​
for​ a​ Koi pond to​ work properly, and​ actually sustain​ fish, a​ number of​ different things must be considered when you​ begin​ planning it .​
a​ few simple rules will ensure that you​ do not end up with an​ expensive hole with dead fish .​
First, unless you​ have a​ large amount of​ knowledge in​ outdoor landscaping, fish keeping, and​ construction, it​ may be a​ good idea to​ leave the pond building up to​ a​ professional .​
While some people think that building the pond yourself with save you​ money, this​ could not be further from the case .​
if​ your​ pond is​ not build properly the first time, you​ will end up spending a​ large amount of​ money on​ fixing the problems that come up .​
Not only that, if​ your​ pond is​ not properly setup, you​ may not even be able to​ keep fish alive .​
Remember when you​ hire a​ professional, it​ is​ their job to​ give you​ what you​ want .​
They can give their knowledge when it​ comes to​ decision​ making, but ultimately, they will do whatever you​ want them too .​
Because of​ this, you​ cannot blame them if​ your​ pond fails do to​ location, size, or​ other factors .​
However, beware of​ extremely cheap quotes as​ they may cut corners that could potentially cause you​ problems later .​
While quotes will come in​ different, there should not be a​ very dramatic difference between them.
Koi ponds, are by no means, swimming pools or​ animal water troughs .​
this​ is​ the reason​ why so much care must be taken in​ planning and​ building your​ pond .​
It may cost more money then building a​ typical swimming pool, but the rewards are much greater .​
Be sure to​ keep all children and​ other none fish pets out of​ the pond, as​ they can cause problems .​
if​ your​ children swim in​ your​ pond, not only could they cause a​ chemical imbalance, but they could also cause major problems such as​ leaks .​
While it​ is​ typically ok to​ have other pets around your​ Koi pond, some pets may get the idea that is​ fun to​ mess with your​ filtration​ system or​ chase your​ Koi around.
Remember, the majority of​ Koi ponds are permanent once they are built .​
this​ means that you​ cannot decide in​ two or​ three weeks that you​ do not want you​ Koi pond in​ the front yard, that you​ would rather have it​ in​ the backyard .​
Carefully plan each and​ every aspect of​ your​ pond, because once it​ is​ built, there is​ little you​ can do to​ change it .​
Remember such things as​ size requirements, and​ placement.
Finally, remember that maintaining a​ Koi pond can be a​ substantial amount of​ work .​
Make sure that you​ will have enough time to​ carry out the everyday needed maintenance, and​ remember that, like with any other pets, issues will arise that require extra special attention​ .​
Vet visits may be needed, or​ you​ may need to​ take some extra time out of​ your​ weekend to​ clear up an​ algae infection​ .​
Have a​ plan, and​ make sure that if​ you​ are going to​ be going away, make sure someone with enough knowledge to​ properly maintain​ you​ pond is​ available until you​ return.

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