The Discovery Of Bungee Jumping

The Discovery Of Bungee Jumping

The Discovery of​ Bungee Jumping
The discovery of​ bungee jumping may have taken place back in​ the 1700s by European explorers, but it​ was not until the 20th century that bungee jumping really made waves around the world .​
The current public awareness and​ concept of​ bungee jumping stems from a​ BBC documentary that aired during the 1950s on​ the topic of​ the land​ divers from Pentecost Island​ in​ the South Pacific .​
this​ documentary really brought the subject to​ public masses for​ the first time since the discovery of​ bungee jumping several hundred years ago.
It was Sir David Attenborough (one of​ the BBC's best known broadcasters and​ writers) and​ his crew that recorded the first film footage of​ the land​ divers, or​ bungee jumpers from the island​ of​ Penetecost in​ the 1950s .​
The discovery of​ bungee jumping was so intriguing and​ original, that it​ sparked quite an​ interest in​ the modern western world .​
Most people had never seen anything quite like it, much less ever attempted such a​ feat .​
Seeing the young natives jump from seventy foot stick towers and​ hurl themselves at​ the ground was shocking .​
The fact that they were tethered to​ the tower with a​ jungle vine was almost unbelievable.
Because of​ the impressive nature of​ this​ primitive form of​ bungee jumping, the American show 'That's Incredible!' (which ran on​ the American Broadcasting Network from 1980-84) actually sponsored a​ jump from the Royal Gorge bridge .​
They filmed the event and​ aired it​ on​ their television​ show, which could be considered one of​ the original 'reality TV' shows of​ our times .​
in​ addition, an​ extreme sports group based on​ Oxford and​ London​ called 'The Dangerous Sports Club' began to​ practice the new sport of​ bungee jumping .​
Inspired by the BBC documentary, this​ group is​ credited with the first modern bungee jump .​
The jump took place in​ Bristol, England, from the Clifton​ Suspension​ Bridge in​ April of​ 1979 .​
These events catapulted the discovery of​ bungee jumping into the full attention​ of​ the mainstream media and​ the public's eye.
Within​ a​ few short years, the world would see an​ onslaught of​ bungee jumping enthusiasts and​ clubs to​ cater to​ the excitement of​ this​ new and​ dangerous sport .​
Modern commercial bungee jumping operators perform and​ provide jumping services from a​ variety of​ mobile cranes, hot air balloons, bridges and​ other types of​ structures .​
Commercial operators utilize the most advanced techniques and​ equipment to​ ensure safety of​ their patrons .​
Despite the intrinsic danger involved, insurance companies now provide liability coverage for​ such endeavors, as​ there have been few fatalities overall .​

Since the modern discovery of​ bungee jumping, millions of​ people world-wide have taken the plunge into this​ extreme sport .​
There have been many safety standards and​ strict guidelines set up to​ protect the public from injury as​ much as​ possible .​
Many permanent bungee jumping sites have even been set up .​
The first such site was set up at​ the Kawarau Bridge in​ New Zealand​ .​
It can truly be said that the discovery of​ bungee jumping has brought an​ ancient religious ritual into the forefront of​ the extreme sports culture of​ the 21st century, and​ surely beyond.

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