The Disaster Of Hair Loss Take It Easy

The Disaster of​ Hair Loss Take it​ Easy
Human hair is​ one of​ those essential things that form the​ notion of​ beauty. Since long time ago hair comprised men power. Everyone knows the​ sad story of​ Samson who lost his incredible power after his wife Delilah had cut his long hair off.
Today it’s more the​ matter of​ beauty and looks rather than strength and power. And basically everyone knows why plenty of​ ads,​ healthy lifestyle propaganda and social dimension of​ human existence. the​ problem is​ that the​ more we​ care about our hair,​ the​ less hairs we​ appear to​ have on​ our head. the​ world is​ facing the​ disaster of​ hair loss,​ which means more time and money will be spent on​ hair in​ future.
The problem is​ somewhere between environmental situation,​ stress,​ genes and harder brain work. Yet,​ hundreds of​ specialists that try to​ work the​ problem out are not quite positive about the​ real root of​ the​ hair loss pandemic all over the​ world. It’s mostly individual and can be either one negative factor or​ the​ group of​ negative factors that contribute to​ it.
Each hair on​ human’s body has its own follicle to​ grow from. the​ follicles produce cells that eventually turn to​ hairs. So,​ hairs are those dead cells that have been pushed out of​ follicle. it​ is​ normal to​ lose 50100 hairs daily. if​ a​ person loses more,​ that can eventually lead to​ baldness.
Baldness is​ not that much devastating as​ it​ seems to​ be. it​ can be treated more or​ less successfully by special ​Drug​s like Propecia,​ and what’s more it​ is​ not dangerous for​ your health. Still,​ the​ numbers show that about 50% of​ men of​ the​ world suffer from slight or​ severe baldness and the​ age groups go down averaging at​ 3040.
People that start losing hair usually have to​ follow simple rules to​ prevent further hair loss. But if​ the​ problem grows to​ real baldness it​ is​ recommended that you​ consult a​ specialist first. Anyway,​ preventing methods are also appreciated. Hair needs care every single day. it​ is​ generally advised that you​ wash your hair due to​ your hair type and if​ you​ do that every day,​ then you​ have to​ find an appropriate shampoo and balsam,​ especially in​ summer.
Yet,​ it​ is​ pretty hard to​ stay cool,​ when there are so many myths around hair and baldness. Most of​ them basically touch men as​ men are considered to​ suffer from baldness more than women. in​ fact,​ men more suffer from the​ so called horseshoe pattern around the​ sides of​ their head which makes the​ baldness more visible.
Another matter has something to​ do with the​ genetical theory of​ hair loss attaching a​ rumor that it​ is​ just enough to​ have a​ look at​ a​ father and you’ll see his son when he gets older,​ which is​ not biologically correct as​ assumes the​ sole influence of​ father’s genes in​ forming son’s cells.
Popular hair loss myths also include
it is​ useless to​ care about my hair as​ I ​ cannot prevent my old age baldness anyway;
baldness can be one of​ the​ side effects of​ shampoo/balsam overuse;
it is​ harmful for​ the​ hair to​ wear a​ hat etc.

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