The Dirty Little Writing Secret Everyone Hates To Admit

Many struggling writers come to​ me asking what they can do to​ improve their writing. They continually face problems with sentence and paragraph structure as​ well as​ surface errors such as​ spelling,​ grammar,​ and punctuation. They know the​ basic rules of​ English and can often be very effective helping other writers revise their work but somehow manage to​ overlook the​ errors in​ their own drafts.

It is​ a​ common problem and the​ solution is​ a​ dirty little secret among writers. it​ is​ a​ dirty secret because it​ is​ so simple and writers often feel foolish practicing the​ method -- read your writing out loud.

The human brain is​ very sophisticated. When you read to​ yourself then it​ will automatically make corrections for you. This means that you will read the​ words,​ structure and meaning you intended to​ create whether or​ not you actually achieved your goal. However when you read out loud your brain cannot trick your ears and you will hear awkward sentence structure. the​ process of​ reading out loud will also allow your eyes to​ catch surface problems that you might skim over when reading to​ yourself.

While employing the​ simple technique of​ reading your work out loud to​ catch your writing errors can help you improve your work,​ it​ is​ only one technique. Often the​ root cause of​ many writing problems lies with the​ writer's individual writing process -- or​ the​ lack of​ one. Spending time developing a​ process for your writing is​ the​ single most effective way to​ improve the​ quality of​ writing experience as​ well as​ the​ work it​ produces.

Even after you have developed your personal writing process you must also allow yourself time to​ brainstorm,​ write,​ revise and edit. Too often the​ reason that revision and editing are not effective is​ because the​ writer attempts these processes too close in​ time to​ the​ initial draft. Allow yourself at​ least a​ day but preferably longer between drafts,​ revision and editing and you will be amazed at​ the​ results you can achieve.

Today most writers tend to​ draft electronic versions of​ their paper. I do so myself. However I know that I can more effectively revise and edit on​ the​ printed page. When I complete a​ draft I print it​ out and then set it​ aside to​ let it​ ferment. After returning to​ the​ project I am able to​ bring a​ fresher eye due to​ our time apart as​ well as​ different perspective because the​ words are in​ print rather than on​ screen. Give it​ a​ try and see how it​ works for you.

The technique of​ reading your work out loud may be simple but it​ is​ extremely effective and employed by writers at​ all levels and of​ all ages,​ however it​ works best when you combine it​ with an​ effective writing process,​ allow enough time for an​ adequate drafting and revision process,​ and revise and edit drafts on​ the​ printed page. You can become a​ better writer if​ you employ these simple strategies and tips.

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