The Different Methods Of Hair Removal

The Different Methods of​ Hair Removal
Getting rid of​ unwanted hair from your body can sometimes be a​ very painful process. But knowing the​ right procedure can help you​ to​ avoid unwanted rashes and acne. Everybody has a​ different skin type,​ so knowing which hair removal method suits your skin is​ important.
The different methods of​ hair removal are
Shaving With the​ help of​ a​ razor,​ you​ can cut off the​ tip of​ the​ hair shaft which has grown out through the​ skin. you​ can get disposable razors,​ razors with disposable blades,​ and also electric razors. Men use these razors to​ shave their faces,​ and women use them to​ shave their underarms,​ legs,​ and bikini areas. Always use blades with safety guard wires to​ minimize nicks and cuts on​ your skin.
Shaving is​ an inexpensive method. you​ can do it​ yourself; all you​ need is​ a​ razor and a​ shaving gel. But this method can cause burns,​ cuts,​ and bumps on​ your skin,​ and can be rather uncomfortable. Even ingrown hairs occur,​ as​ while shaving the​ hairs are cut below the​ level of​ the​ skin,​ so when the​ hair grows back,​ it​ grows within the​ surrounding tissue and not out of​ the​ follicle. the​ hair curls around and starts growing into the​ skin,​ and irritation,​ redness,​ and swelling can occur at​ the​ hair follicle.
Plucking With the​ help of​ tweezers,​ you​ can pull the​ hair out from its root. you​ have to​ stretch the​ skin tightly,​ grip the​ hair close to​ the​ base,​ and then pull it​ out. Plucking will last for​ about 3 to​ 5 weeks. Though this is​ time consuming,​ it​ is​ inexpensive,​ as​ you​ do not have to​ go anywhere to​ get it​ done. it​ can be painful,​ and you​ may notice temporary red bumps,​ as​ the​ hair follicle gets swollen and irritated.
Depilatories Depilatories are hair removal creams or​ liquids. This is​ an easy method,​ as​ depilatories can remove hair from the​ skins surface. They work by reacting with the​ protein structure of​ the​ hair,​ so the​ hair dissolves and can be washed or​ wiped away. it​ can last up to​ 2 weeks. They are easily available and are inexpensive. you​ can use it​ on​ your legs,​ underarms,​ and bikini areas. it​ has a​ bad odor though,​ and some people can even have an allergic reaction to​ it,​ which may cause rashes or​ inflammation. People with sensitive skin should be careful.
Waxing in​ this method,​ a​ sticky wax is​ spread on​ your skin,​ and then a​ cloth strip is​ applied over the​ wax and quickly pulled off,​ taking the​ hair root and dead skin cells with it. Normally the​ wax should be warmed,​ but some can be applied cold. it​ can be done at​ a​ salon or​ at​ home. Waxing makes the​ area smooth and is​ long lasting. it​ lasts for​ about 3 to​ 5 weeks. the​ hair regrowth also looks lighter than it​ does after other methods of​ hair removal such as​ shaving. This can be a​ painful procedure and you​ may even get bumps and inflammation after waxing,​ but the​ result you​ get is​ worth the​ pain. Professional waxing is​ also expensive compared to​ other hair removal methods. Diabetic patients and those under acne treatment should avoid this method.
Electrolysis in​ this method a​ professional electrologist would insert a​ needle into the​ hair follicle and send an electric current through the​ hair root to​ kill it. This gets done over a​ series of​ several appointments. it​ is​ a​ long procedure,​ and even a​ small area like the​ upper lip may take a​ total of​ 4 to​ 10 hours,​ and a​ larger area such as​ the​ bikini line may take 8 to​ 16 hours. This is​ a​ permanent method,​ but it​ is​ expensive and time consuming. the​ process can be painful,​ and dry skin,​ scabs,​ scarring,​ and inflammation may result after treatment.
Laser Here a​ laser would be directed through your skin to​ the​ hair follicle and stop growth. Large areas of​ skin can be treated at​ the​ same time. it​ can last up to​ 6 months. This method is​ best suited for​ lightskinned people having dark hair,​ as​ the​ melanin in​ the​ hair absorbs more of​ the​ light; thus making treatment more effective. the​ treatment can be expensive and may cost up to​ $500 or​ more.
Prescription Treatments Medicinal creams are available by prescription,​ such as​ eflornithine for​ treating facial hair growth. the​ cream is​ to​ be applied twice a​ day until the​ hair becomes softer and lighter. Side effects may include skin irritation and acne.
Another method that doctors prescribe is​ antiandrogen medications to​ reduce the​ appearance of​ unwanted hair. Androgen hormone can be responsible for​ hair growth in​ unwanted areas,​ and antiandrogens can block the​ androgen production.
Its your personal choice whether or​ not you​ want to​ remove your body hair. Hair removal would not affect your health in​ any way,​ so you​ shouldnt feel pressured to​ remove it​ if​ you​ Don't want to. But if​ you​ do wish to​ get rid of​ unwanted hair,​ choose a​ method that would suit you​ best. Remember that each person is​ beautiful in​ his/her own way,​ so always respect your body.

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