The Different Methods Of Article Writing

by Ken Nadreau

If we​ were to​ try to​ list all the​ different article writing styles that exist or​ will exist,​ we'd probably end up with an​ encyclopedia,​ because writing styles are like fingerprints. No two are completely alike.

But there are some basic development structures that are,​ more often than not,​ used by the​ vast majority of​ article composers.

After all,​ there are very few reasons why you'd want to​ write an​ article in​ the​ first place,​ and so every article written will most likely have a​ similar purpose based on​ these few motives.

For example,​ you have the​ desire to​ either sell a​ product,​ build content for your website,​ establish yourself as​ an​ expert in​ your field,​ any combination of​ these,​ or​ all of​ the​ above.

That's about it,​ unless it's merely your job.

So there's usually some fundamental similarities among articles that can be drawn upon when you're setting out to​ write one yourself.

Take a​ look . . .

1. Product Introduction and Advertisement

When writing an​ article,​ it's not customarily wise to​ blatantly advertise your product directly. Readers are looking for information that will help them understand how to​ do something,​ or​ for recommendations about what to​ use.

If they wanted to​ be advertised to,​ they're simply go to​ the​ Classifieds and pick out the​ best product for the​ money.

So when you're setting out to​ write an​ article about a​ product,​ it's best to​ build your article loosely around the​ product without actually naming it​ or​ describing it.

That's what your sales page is​ for,​ right?

Thus when you want to​ write an​ article introducing a​ product,​ set out to​ create a​ scenario describing a​ situation where a​ product like you're marketing could be used.

Start with the​ problem that needs solving and conclude with some possible solutions. What you're doing is​ building an​ argument and leading the​ reader to​ an​ obvious conclusion. Finish it​ off with your bio box that leads them to​ your sales page.

2. Building Content

The key to​ building good,​ solid content for your website is​ somewhat different than writing an​ article to​ introduce your product. With your product introduction,​ your article is,​ obviously,​ product driven.

But when you want to​ build content,​ your motivation would be more niche driven,​ or​ keyword specific.

The objective is​ to​ fill your website with keyword rich article content to​ entice the​ Search Engines to​ spider your site with as​ much enthusiasm as​ possible. the​ more information you can supply on​ a​ specific topic,​ the​ more your site will be viewed as​ important and useful to​ general web surfer.

The Search Engines want people to​ use them,​ so when they find such a​ website,​ they're more than happy to​ list it.

So to​ accomplish this,​ your article would start out with a​ single keyword or​ key phrase that's specific to​ your website to​ establish the​ purpose behind it.

By sticking to​ this specific topic,​ you'll be assuring yourself of​ a​ well written article that fits right in​ with your website's theme.

3. Establishing Yourself as​ an​ Expert

Of all the​ reasons for writing articles,​ this one should be viewed as​ a​ long range approach. the​ concept behind it​ is​ to​ gradually produce articles based on​ one particular field in​ order for your readers to​ learn to​ associate your name with that one field.

The intended outcome is​ to​ establish yourself as​ a​ teacher,​ and one who has good recommendations to​ give. This,​ in​ turn,​ will help you develop a​ following of​ people who would actually go out of​ their way to​ find articles you've written.

This is​ a​ great way to​ build a​ mailing list too.

Once you've written several articles about a​ topic,​ you can then add a​ link in​ your bio box to​ a​ free report or​ ebook. When the​ readers click on​ the​ link,​ they're taken to​ a​ page that requires them to​ sign up to​ get the​ free publication.

So the​ more expertise you show in​ your articles,​ the​ more sign ups you'll get.

4. Combinations

Of course you can combine any of​ these methods and still come off with some great articles. However,​ you'd want to​ want to​ build on​ one method and incorporate the​ others in​ with less enthusiasm.

For example,​ you'd be hard pressed to​ prove yourself an​ expert and build a​ following if​ your articles were always obvious product endorsements. And your content building efforts would suffer if​ every article was more about your expertise than the​ niche topic its supposed to​ be about.

So though its possible,​ you're best bet would be to​ choose one method,​ or​ one purpose and stick with it​ for each article.

Whichever method you choose,​ its vital that you provide good quality work. Articles are a​ lot like Classifieds in​ one important way. a​ good one can entice almost assured positive response,​ and a​ bad one . . .

Well you know the​ answer to​ that.

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