The Decor Is Totally Up To You

The Decor Is Totally Up To You

if​ you​ are beginning the process of​ building a​ new home or​ of​ moving into a​ different home, then you​ are well aware of​ what a​ process that is. it​ seems like there are an​ endless amount of​ decisions to​ be made and​ choices to​ be had. One of​ the biggest yet most overlooked decisions in​ the moving process is​ deciding on​ the right decor for​ your​ new home.

As an​ interior designer, I love reminding people of​ the importance of​ choosing the right decor for​ their homes. All too often I see people build or​ buy these amazing homes but then stop before they fully finish them with the right decor. Even the most beautiful home will be left well below its potential until it​ is​ filled with great decor.

How do you​ go about choosing great decor, you​ ask? Well, my first encouragement to​ potential customers is​ to​ think about the things they like. I send them home with a​ pile of​ home and​ decor magazines and​ ask them to​ flag items, colors, or​ any ideas they like. When they return to​ my office we try to​ piece together their ideas and​ come up with a​ good foundation​ for​ their home decor. if​ you​ can, head to​ a​ local library and​ check out as​ many magazines as​ you​ can. Take a​ few hours or​ a​ few days, however much time you​ have, and​ see what ideas for​ decor you​ can compile. you​ may be surprised how easy it​ is​ to​ narrow down what fits into your​ style and​ what does not.

Once people have narrowed in​ on​ a​ style that fits their decor wishes, the next step is​ to​ come up with a​ color scheme that seems to​ match them and​ their home. Going to​ a​ paint shop and​ collecting color samples is​ a​ great way to​ compare colors and​ shades. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of​ color when designing decor for​ a​ home. you​ can do everything else right and​ still fail with your​ decor unless the colors are just right. a​ key to​ keep in​ mind is​ to​ remember who you​ are when you​ are choosing colors. you​ do not want people to​ enter your​ home and​ wonder at​ how different it​ looks from you​ and​ your​ style.

It is​ always a​ good idea to​ choose decor for​ the most important room in​ your​ home first. That room will vary for​ each person, but the point is​ the same. you​ want to​ put time and​ energy into a​ room that means a​ lot to​ you​ and​ that you​ will use a​ lot. Whether this​ is​ the living room, kitchen, family room or​ master bedroom, don't get too far into your​ decor without doing this​ first room well.

There is​ much more to​ be said about decor. The important thing for​ now is​ to​ just begin​ gathering ideas and​ talking to​ professionals for​ help.

The Decor Is Totally Up To You

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