The Crucial Need For Innovation In The Field Of Industrial Marketing

The Crucial Need For Innovation in​ the​ Field Of Industrial Marketing
By Conrad Bailey
If your company manufactures or​ sells industrial supplies,​ equipment or​ machinery,​ and you​ are the​ person responsible for sales,​ then undoubtedly,​ you​ know how competitive the​ industrial marketplace has become over the​ last few years - especially on​ a​ global scale .​
Because of​ this,​ the​ need to​ gain competitive advantages through profitable marketing innovation is​ greater today than ever before .​
a​ company can no longer ignore innovation if​ it​ expects to​ gain or​ maintain its competitive edge in​ the​ marketplace.
What is​ Marketing Innovation?
Marketing innovation is​ when a​ company creates or​ discovers a​ unique way of​ promoting their products,​ not necessarily through an​ entirely new channel or​ medium,​ but certainly different
nonetheless .​
In many cases,​ marketing innovation can result from the​ integration of​ several existing resources and tools that can be utilized to​ help a​ company reach their target market in​ a​ more cost effective manner .​

Marketing innovation does not just happen .​
It must be connected to​ competitive issues the​ company faces in​ the​ marketplace .​
It is​ these issues that impact a​ company's bottom line as​ much as​ anything else,​ and if​ not addressed,​ through marketing innovation,​ it​ will spread like cancer eating away,​ piece by piece an​ organization's existence.
Marketing innovation can only happen in​ an​ entrepreneurial climate which allows a​ person to​ unleash their creativity and spawn new ideas and strategic methods to​ reach their target audience .​
The task could be as​ simple as​ designing a​ more client centered Web site,​ or​ re-think pay-per-click strategies,​ or​ perhaps even re-define an​ entire marketing campaign.
The Mind Of a​ Marketing Innovator
In general,​ there is​ one path every marketing innovator takes,​ and it​ all starts with skepticism,​ a​ natural reaction when entering the​ unknown .​
Soon after skepticism follows enthusiasm because with focused effort you​ start to​ see the​ potential of​ your new marketing strategy .​
Thus,​ you​ excitedly start to​ put your plan into action .​
However,​ as​ weeks and perhaps months go by you​ start to​ realize that your idea will take more time and money than you​ initially expected.. .​
You press on​ but still see no visible results .​
You begin to​ question if​ it's worth it .​
You feel like giving up .​
It is​ at​ this point you​ have reached the​ dark night of​ the​ marketing innovator .​
At this stage is​ when most people give up on​ their new marketing plan .​
They take their losses and just move on​ in​ hopes of​ creating another,​ more profitable strategy .​
Ironically,​ they usually but unknowingly will return to​ the​ same path of​ resistance,​ and once again give up on​ their ideas only to​ find better ones .​
In contrast,​ the​ marketing innovator that stays focused on​ his or​ her plan,​ despite the​ dark nights,​ will often start to​ see pay offs and thus,​ push further ahead .​
Even the​ slightest payoffs will significantly shift an​ innovator's thoughts from despair to​ thinking it's not a​ bad idea after all .​
The success itself is​ the​ driving force that will guide an​ innovator forward with more motivational energy than at​ any other point on​ the​ path of​ innovation .​
The Co-op Industrial Advertising Network
One example of​ marketing innovation is​ the​ Co-Op Industrial Advertising Network which I​ partially created with the​ assistance of​,​ a​ Global Industrial Supply Directory .​
Together,​ we've designed an​ innovative but yet practical lead generation program for manufacturers and suppliers of​ industrial products .​
Moreover,​ the​ entire program is​ free.
The Co-Op Industrial Advertising Network is​ a​ Web based industrial marketing program which was founded on​ the​ principle that generating pre-qualified sales opportunities for your company is​ more important than generating traffic to​ your Web site .​
The Co-Op Industrial Advertising Network does generate traffic,​ but emphasis is​ primarily on​ increasing sales opportunities for members.
What makes the​ Co-Op Industrial Advertising Network unique is​ you​ don't have to​ offer or​ share any ad space on​ your Web site .​
The reason is​ because we create for each member a​ fully optimized Presell page which is​ hosted by us and accessible across our entire network by utilizing an​ in-house linking system .​
Therefore,​ members automatically share traffic and sales opportunities with one another in​ a​ completely effortless manner - and without exchanging ads .​
It is​ a​ very effective and popular coop advertising program.
Some Last Words About Marketing Innovation
Don't wait for innovative marketing opportunities to​ arise - create them .​
To do that you​ must leave behind specialized thinking when it​ comes to​ marketing,​ which traps you​ in​ a​ rut mode .​
You must determine you​ are ready for marketing innovation and focus on​ how you​ can reach your target audience more productively .​
You should expect and be prepared for obstacles to​ arise within the​ marketplace as​ well as​ within yourself .​
Remember,​ the​ greatest and most memorable marketing accomplishments were due to​ someone taking a​ big risk .​
With proper research and various testing of​ different ideas,​ you​ can eliminate most and sometimes even all of​ the​ risk and prosper substantially .​
About the​ Author
Conrad Bailey is​ co-founder and vice president of​,​ and author of​ the​ popular Co-Op Industrial Advertising Blog at:

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