The Best Time For Marketing

The Best Time For Marketing...
The best time for marketing is​ when they aren’t buying .​
Be realistic .​
If you​ aren’t selling the​ hottest new fashion or​ gizmo for holiday gift-giving,​ it’s hard to​ get anyone to​ think about buying your product or​ service from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s .​
That’s a​ six week lean selling stretch for lots of​ sales professionals .​
When you​ are trying to​ hit your quarterly and year-end numbers that lean stretch can be tough to​ swallow .​
No leader likes to​ see their team sitting around the​ office having a​ pity party .​
Instead,​ build this market reality into your schedule and ramp up your marketing activities during sales lulls .​
Why should you​ invest in​ marketing to​ your target market when they aren’t buying?
1 .​
To stay front and center on​ their radar – especially if​ you​ target the​ corporate market .​
2 .​
To increase their awareness of​ you​
3 .​
To bring attention to​ you​
4 .​
To highlight the​ added value you​ offer
5 .​
To generate a​ desire to​ continue to​ hear what you​ have to​ say
What kind of​ marketing can you​ do when no one is​ buying?
Your marketing team can use this time to​ plan and schedule all marketing strategies for 2018 and get them scheduled and booked .​
* If you​ will be a​ conference speaker in​ April,​ they need to​ establish a​ timeline for drafting the​ speech,​ shipping handouts to​ the​ location,​ developing the​ PowerPoint presentation to​ go with it,​ the​ press release,​ website promotion,​ travel arrangements,​ etc .​
* If you​ will introduce a​ new product,​ service or​ program in​ June,​ they need to​ work out all the​ details for the​ most thorough and effective rollout with enough lead-time to​ implement all the​ pieces,​ or​ identify gaps to​ be filled in​ a​ timely fashion .​
* If you​ have increased your marketing budget for 2018 – this is​ a​ great time to​ develop some of​ those promotional pieces or​ hire contractors/freelancers to​ develop them for you​ .​
* If you​ have a​ 2018 goal of​ increasing visibility in​ a​ new market,​ a​ new niche,​ or​ a​ new country,​ the​ marketing team needs time to​ bone up on​ the​ nuances and implications of​ this goal to​ prepare successful penetration strategies .​
Your sales team does not need to​ be idle during seasonal sales lulls either .​
Your sales force can use this time to​ research growth opportunities for the​ company and their own territories .​
* Sales staff can use the​ holiday season as​ an​ excuse to​ followup every sale all year long with a​ brief visit or​ a​ phone call: to​ personally say thank you​ for the​ business,​ to​ ensure continued satisfaction with the​ product,​ service and the​ salesperson’s work and to​ bind client loyalty with strong rapport .​
* in​ addition,​ each client contact is​ a​ great opening to​ query them about their plans for the​ next year,​ to​ identify client needs which your product/service can address in​ the​ new year – i.e.,​ scouting for 2018 add-on sales .​
* Sales staff can also take time to​ study the​ market and their territory vis-à-vis the​ company’s 2018 goals and start developing sales strategies and tactics to​ achieve the​ company plan and reach their own quotas and incentives .​
* Sales staff can use this season for supplemental (internal or​ external) training to​ refine their craft .​
Marketing is​ not a​ passive activity .​
You have to​ keep the​ pipeline full .​
So,​ periodically,​ it​ is​ important to​ reflect and assess how to​ rejuvenate your marketing efforts .​
This lull between the​ holidays is​ a​ perfect time to​ focus on​ all the​ behind-the-scenes marketing activities that will make next year,​ your best year yet!

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