The Best Benefit Of Yoga Efficiency In Work Is Yoga

Sometimes,​ what a​ voluminous book cannot explain can be explained in​ a​ single sentence! it​ is​ true about yoga. Yoga is​ not a​ mere word; it​ is​ a​ vast subject with many dimensions.

The wise saying goes,​ “Yoga karmasu kaushalam!‘-which means,​ ‘Efficiency in​ work is​ yoga!”

What you do is​ not important. How you do what you do,​ is​ important!

Yoga also means union. What union? Whether union between the​ body and the​ mind? or​ the​ mind with the​ spirit? the​ traditionally accepted belief (or truth,​ depending upon the​ level of​ your spiritual progression) is​ the​ union between the​ Jeevatman and the​ Paramatman– between one’s individual consciousness and the​ universal consciousness.

Yoga is​ a​ very vast subject. Attempting even an​ introduction in​ a​ small articles is​ an​ impossibility. Nevertheless,​ some important observations need to​ be understood when you speak of​ yoga.

Yoga has got something to​ do with the​ health of​ your physical body.

Yoga has got something to​ do with your mental health.

Yoga has something to​ do with your intellectual health.

Yoga has got everything to​ do with your spiritual being.

The ultimate stage can only be realized. No amount of​ assertions,​ explanations,​ and arguments and counter arguments can take you up there. the​ domain of​ silence can only be achieved through silence!

Yoga is​ intensely linked to​ breathing. it​ is​ about channeling the​ energy through breath. Another intimate alley of​ yoga is​ meditation. You can not think of​ yoga without understanding at​ least some of​ the​ basic techniques of​ meditation! Spiritual appreciation as​ to​ the​ nature of​ the​ human body,​ who controls it​ all of​ the​ time,​ is​ absolutely essential for proper understanding of​ various practices that make the​ science of​ yoga.

A word about Karma Yoga. the​ fundamental principle Karma Yoga is,​ “Do your duty and do not ask for the​ reward.” What youngster of​ the​ modern generation would accept this principle? if​ I do my duty,​ I must get the​ reward! Aren’t there people who don’t do any work and still get the​ reward.

The word yoga makes its entry at​ this level of​ thinking of​ an​ individual. the​ correct interpretation of​ this principle of​ yoga is​ that ‘do your duty but don’t ask for the​ reward’ You will get the​ right reward,​ at​ the​ right moment!’

‘Every action has a​ reaction and the​ intensity of​ the​ reaction is​ in​ proportion to​ the​ intensity of​ the​ action.’ Over this the​ scientists and the​ spiritualists agree! One of​ the​ rare agreements between the​ two contending forces. Normally opposing forces! if​ you agree on​ this,​ don’t you think that it​ is​ necessary for you to​ agree that your every action,​ good or​ bad,​ will be rewarded as​ per the​ proportion it​ deserves?

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