The Best Article Marketing Strategies

For some time now article marketing strategies has been a​ great free marketing method,​ by submitting your articles to​ article directories you​ are getting a​ free link back to​ your website. Which in​ turn can help you​ rank better for your search engines and also the​ possiblity of​ the​ person reading that article will click on​ your link.

Writing a​ good resource box is​ essential if​ you​ want to​ get a​ better click through rate on​ your links. it​ is​ also possible that your article could get picked up by other web masters for e-zines,​ blogs,​ newsletters and other web-sites. So writing good articles is​ key to​ getting this kind of​ exposure.

When writing articles to​ submit to​ free directories,​ focus on​ key words. a​ good key word percentage of​ 4-6% will make your article much more favorable for search engines,​ in​ return getting you​ many more readers and possibly more clicks on​ your links in​ the​ resource box.

A whole book could be written on​ different ways to​ market your website. I truly believe free article marketing is​ by far the​ best bang for your buck. the​ only downside to​ submitting articles is​ it​ can be a​ very slow process. on​ average,​ after writing your article it​ will usually take about 15 minutes to​ sign up to​ a​ directory and submit your article. So doing this all manually is​ not an​ option if​ you​ want real results.

I would recommend submitting to​ five of​ the​ top ranking directories manually,​ and using automatic article submitting software to​ submit to​ the​ rest. This saves you​ a​ ton of​ time. you​ can pick up some great free software at​ This will get the​ job done.

I would recommend submitting at​ least one article per week into the​ top article directories and with your automatic article submitting software. if​ you​ keep this up on​ a​ regular basis,​ you​ can watch your site grow in​ rank over a​ shirt period of​ time. Just keep at​ it.

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