The Benefits Of Writing Articles

The Benefits Of Writing Articles

You have a​ business; you are new and want to​ build a​ client list. However,​ the​ public doesn't know much about you.

One of​ the​ best ways to​ build the​ relations,​ credibility and to​ help get people to​ know more about you and your area of​ expertise is​ to​ write articles. People are always looking for good articles for their websites,​ blogs and newsletters. the​ important words here are good and content.

Good articles are content rich. the​ help the​ reader understand that which you are writing about. it​ gives them insight,​ whether it​ is​ about Business,​ Communication,​ Health or​ any number of​ subjects.
When you provide an​ article for your reader,​ whether you wrote it​ or​ published it,​ you are doing your clients a​ service by educating them in​ the​ areas that they wish to​ learn. Moreover,​ your credibility can be built or​ diminished by the​ article.
Articles also help to​ keep your website updated and helped to​ increase your search engine ratings.
Stagnate websites that never change,​ get a​ much lower rating with Google. as​ well,​ do not encourage your audience to​ come back. They are thinking,​ ok,​ I saw it.

A summary of​ the​ benefits are:

    For the​ author,​ they:

  • Increased Exposure
  • Give Credibility (You show your expertise)
  • Develop Relations (People get to​ know you better)
  • Create links to​ your site
  • Give you free Publicity

  • For the​ Publisher or​ Website Owner,​ it​ provides:

  • Content
  • Related Articles that you don’t have to​ write
  • Reference and information that you don’t have to​ write
  • A vast resource of​ free information

However,​ it​ is​ important to​ remember that there can be a​ downside. of​ which you can avoid,​ once you understand what it​ is.

There is​ nothing worse than reading an​ article that is​ nothing more than a​ sales letter,​ a​ news release or​ an​ inflated glorified piece on​ how wonderful you are. You need to​ give the​ public something that they can use.
Then they are much more likely to​ follow your link in​ your resource box,​ back to​ your site to​ find out more about you.

Remember,​ that in​ each article,​ you are communication something about you. You want the​ message that be one that encourages people to​ want to​ get to​ know you better,​ to​ learn more about you know and to​ become one of​ your clients or​ subscribers.

In your resource box,​ make sure you are clear,​ stating who you are and where they can find out more about you.
Most article directories and magazines have set limits on​ the​ size and amount of​ information you can place so it​ is​ important to​ ensure it​ is​ accurate and inviting. You are not writing articles just for praise and admiration. You do have a​ business to​ run and bills to​ pay. Even if​ you are a​ millionaire and want to​ write just for the​ shear joy of​ it​ and love to​ teach for free,​ your resource box is​ still important,​ as​ you would want the​ readers to​ know that the​ information came from a​ credible source.

So go ahead and get started. Don't stop at​ one article,​ it​ can easily become buried.. Make it​ a​ habit and write them regularly whether it​ is​ once a​ week or​ once a​ month. And remember,​ have fun doing them.

"To Master Communication
is to​ Master Wealth"

The Benefits Of Writing Articles

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