The Awesome Experience Of Writing A Journal Part 1

The Awesome Experience Of Writing A Journal Part 1

Keeping a​ journal is​ a​ most rewarding experience. I have had several kinds of​ journals; one was a​ book where I wrote in​ it​ and another was a​ binder where I wrote the​ events of​ the​ day and also added everything from a​ chicken feather to​ cards,​ thank you notes and pictures. That was really a​ fun book. It's amazing the​ things you forget until you open your journal or​ look at​ a​ picture and all of​ the​ related memories instantly come to​ mind and you can talk about it​ as​ if​ it​ happened today. That is​ surely amazing!

This amazing book can also tell you details of​ a​ special vacation,​ or​ your parents 50 year anniversary,​ or​ that special day when you turned 21; what about graduation and all of​ those feelings you felt.? Wouldn't it​ be neat to​ read those fond memories? Those words will take you right back to​ that moment,​ feelings and all. What about special times with family and friends? I can remember what an​ eventful day it​ was when I climbed a​ mountain. I was awestruck as​ I watched others climb straight up. to​ my amazement,​ my feet just kept moving and I did it​ too. What an​ experience to​ practically do the​ splits in​ trying to​ climb the​ huge rocks. When I got to​ the​ top of​ the​ mountain,​ I stood on​ a​ ledge with the​ very top at​ chest height and declared that I made it. This fellow told me I hadn't made it​ as​ I wasn't on​ the​ top. I said I was good where I was. He said I would really regret not getting to​ the​ top if​ I didn't get up there,​ so,​ "Get up here!" he said,​ as​ he gave me his hand. I was petrified. Though my body was rigid in​ fear,​ I crawled to​ the​ very top of​ the​ mountain that day. I even laid down over a​ rock straight out from the​ mountain top and looked down 3000 feet to​ the​ ground. I couldn't believe I did that. I am forever grateful to​ that fellow for talking me into going to​ the​ top of​ the​ mountain because today,​ I am unstoppable. I can do whatever I want to​ do. Success in​ it's finest is​ my intention and if​ I can take others with me,​ I help them on​ their way to​ success as​ well.

There are also family journals where everyone writes about family events from their perspective. There could be one person who summarizes family events from year to​ year such as​ family re-unions. All of​ those moments and memories come and go and it​ just takes a​ wonderful journal to​ flash them back right before your eyes again.

Parents can keep their favorite drawings and pictures of​ their children. I have a​ picture my son drew of​ me when he was very young and I still feel warm when I look at​ it. Grandparents can write about their fun times with their grandchildren. Children can start writing journals at​ quite a​ young age. My grandson is​ eight years old and he writes a​ lot. He writes about sports,​ school,​ his friends and other activities. we​ can write about our pets as​ we​ love them so much. I have had numereous pets and loved them all intensely; each one with their own special personality and they were all considered family. Vacations are a​ great time to​ keep a​ family journal. What fond memories and fun when you read and remember the​ places you visited,​ restaurants,​ perhaps new foods you tried,​ the​ new people you met and what you did or​ the​ hikes you went on. Let's not forget all the​ souvineres we​ might have taken home. the​ pictures that were taken that we​ can ooo and aaaah over are awesome memories. it​ is​ truly endless what you can write about.

Please read the​ exciting conclusion of​ the​ Awesome Experience of​ Writing a​ Journal Part 2.

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