The Art Of Silence Meditation Techniques

The Art Of Silence Meditation Techniques

The Art of​ Silence Meditation Techniques
In todays fastpaced world,​ many people are seeking a​ way to​ get away from it​ all and​ relax. ​
Meditation,​ which is​ essentially a​ method to​ obtain a​ level of​ deep thought and​ relaxation,​ is​ one way to​ find inner peace and​ tranquility. ​
Many people think of​ monks or​ other spiritual types sitting in​ crossedleg position and​ reaching states of​ bliss when they think of​ mediation,​ but there are many ways to​ meditate. ​
While there are many ways to​ reach a​ meditative state,​ there really are no right or​ wrong ways to​ mediate this would defeat the​ purpose,​ only practice and​ finding ways that feel right for you. ​

Meditation is​ associated with many religions,​ but one does not need to​ be associated with any particular religion in​ order to​ meditate. ​
You might want to​ investigate different methods,​ however,​ to​ find a​ form of​ mediation that feels most comfortable. ​
One common method includes repeating a​ sound or​ word,​ called a​ mantra. ​
Other forms of​ meditation involve focusing on​ a​ visual image,​ such as​ the​ flame of​ a​ candle or​ a​ symbol. ​
Other meditative techniques involve breathing and​ physical movements,​ such as​ yoga or​ other breathing practices. ​

No matter what the​ method,​ the​ tools used in​ meditation are there to​ help users reach a​ state of​ mental relaxation. ​
Many mediation techniques help you​ clear your mind of​ the​ constant thoughts that normally run through the​ mind. ​
In reducing or​ eliminating these thoughts,​ one can reach a​ state of​ deep thought that is​ associated with meditation. ​

There are two primary approaches to​ meditation,​ which are concentrative meditation and​ mindfulness meditation. ​
In concentrative meditation,​ the​ practitioner focuses on​ breath,​ an object,​ or​ a​ sound mantra. ​
In mindfulness meditation,​ the​ practitioner sits quietly and​ observes everything in​ the​ environment,​ including thoughts,​ sounds,​ smells,​ and​ more. ​
In this form of​ meditation,​ the​ practitioner practices not reacting to​ the​ environment both internal and​ external,​ which can lead to​ a​ greater ability to​ act in​ a​ nonreactive way in​ daily life. ​
Both forms of​ meditation are useful,​ and​ one is​ no better than the​ other is. ​
Personal preference may determine which method you​ choose,​ and​ you​ can always try both. ​

Both physical and​ mental benefits can result from meditation. ​
This can include increased heart health through relaxation,​ lowered cholesterol and​ blood pressure,​ and​ a​ more youthful feeling. ​
Mental benefits can be an increased sense of​ wellbeing,​ decreased anxiety and​ depression,​ and​ emotional stability. ​
Meditation should not be used as​ a​ cure for physical or​ mental ailments,​ however,​ but it​ can be a​ powerful supplement. ​
Those with physical or​ mental health conditions should consult with a​ health care professional before beginning a​ mediation practice. ​

Meditation can be quite physical,​ such as​ with some types of​ yoga,​ or​ seemingly passive,​ such as​ in​ mindfulness types of​ mediation. ​
In addition to​ the​ types of​ meditation,​ there are different stages as​ well. ​
Generally speaking,​ in​ early stages of​ meditation,​ the​ practitioner is​ more aware of​ the​ practice. ​
He or​ she may have difficulty concentrating on​ breath or​ not reacting to​ thought. ​
With practice,​ this moves into a​ stage where one is​ much less aware. ​
This is​ followed by a​ stage of​ bliss,​ which is​ followed by very deep sense of​ self,​ followed by an ability to​ reach a​ stage of​ deep stillness. ​

There are many resources available on​ meditation. ​
Those new to​ the​ practice may opt to​ take part in​ a​ class or​ guide when beginning. ​
Others may prefer to​ read up on​ the​ various options and​ practice on​ his or​ her own. ​
Visit the​ local library for books and​ resources or​ visit a​ yoga or​ spiritual center. ​
Meditation can be an enjoyable experience and​ provide balance to​ an otherwise hectic life.

The Art Of Silence Meditation Techniques

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