The 2 Most Common Mistakes When Writing With Keywords

The 2 Most Common Mistakes When Writing With Keywords

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It really gets my blood pressure up. SEO copywriting has begun to​ get a​ poor reputation all due to​ carelessness. How so? Because too many people claim to​ know what they are doing. in​ reality,​ they simply shove keywords into copy without any concern for how the​ copy flows. Copy that sounds mechanical or​ stiff is​ a​ sure sign that an​ amateur writer has had his/her hands in​ things.

When you write SEO copy,​ you should take the​ time to​ find out what works and what doesn't. There are two mistakes almost every amateur search engine copywriter makes. Let's take a​ look at​ each one.

#1 - the​ List

Let's say you visit the​ home page of​ a​ website that sells beauty supplies. as​ you read the​ copy,​ you keep coming across a​ string of​ items: hair salon supplies,​ hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables. the​ copy reads something like this:


The Best Selection of​ Hair Salon Supplies,​ Hair Salon Equipment and
Professional Manicure Tables On the​ Internet

When you're shopping for hair salon supplies,​ hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables,​ you need a​ vendor who offers great selection as​ well as​ great service. Because buying hair salon supplies,​ hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables can be an​ expensive venture,​ you also want a​ company that delivers the​ lowest price.

Trust ABC Beauty Supply to​ bring you the​ widest selection of​ hair salon supplies,​ hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables in​ stock every day. Orders are shipped within 24 hours and - for all hair salon supplies,​ hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables orders over $100 - shipping is​ absolutely free!


Do you see how that flows (or doesn't flow) when you use all your keyphrases in​ a​ row every single time? One time,​ sure. That's fine. Even twice,​ depending on​ the​ length of​ your copy. But to​ put all your keyphrases in​ a​ list and use them every time you have the​ smallest opportunity is​ just far too repetitive. What do you do instead?

Discuss each one in​ its own section. Talk about the​ various types of​ hair salon supplies. Review the​ reasons your hair salon equipment is​ better than that sold by others. or​ even list the​ features and benefits of​ the​ line of​ manicure tables you offer.

#2 - Substituting Keywords for Generic Terms

This technique (just like the​ one above) is​ perfectly fine if​ you use it​ in​ moderation. However,​ to​ replace every instance of​ a​ generic term with a​ keyphrase will cause your copy to​ sound downright silly. Let's have a​ look at​ an​ example from a​ Web design site.


New Orleans Web Design

Our New Orleans Web design firm offers a​ high level of​ creativity to​ businesses located in​ the​ general area. Our New Orleans Web design styles are never made from templates. Each New Orleans Web design is​ a​ custom creation just for your site.


If you walked into a​ Web design company's office and the​ employees began to​ talk like that copy is​ written,​ you'd most likely think they were on​ drugs! So why in​ the​ world would you write your site copy that way? the​ reason is​ because most amateurs mistakenly think they can't write for both the​ search engines and the​ site visitors. I'm delighted to​ say they are wrong! You can most certainly write for both with great success.

Try this:


Progressive,​ creative,​ upbeat. Those are phrases that best describe many online businesses based in​ New Orleans. Web design for your organization should match your style. Never created from templates,​ the​ site designs you’ll receive will be truly reflective of​ your corporate personality. Because we​ work exclusively with companies located in​ or​ near New Orleans,​ Web designs retain that Big Easy feel.


Did you see it? the​ phrase was broken up using punctuation. That won't hurt your rankings one bit,​ but it​ will make your copy sound a​ LOT better.

These are not all the​ mistakes. I wish they were! But most of​ the​ mistakes made by amateur writers can be fixed using one simple test. Read it​ out loud. if​ the​ copy sounds ridiculous to​ you when you read it​ out loud,​ it​ is​ going to​ sound equally ridiculous to​ a​ site visitor.

Take your time. Learn the​ ins and outs of​ SEO copywriting before you begin to​ create the​ text for your (or your clients’) pages. Then you can rest assured that your copy will convert better while it​ contributes to​ your high rankings.

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