Ten Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

Ten Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

Now that it’s the holiday season​ everyone is​ busy thinking about his or​ her Christmas Trees. There are tricks and​ tips to​ help you​ create a​ unique look that fits in​ your​ home and​ adds sparkle to​ your​ holiday celebrations. Whether real or​ artificial, a​ little imagination​ can take that blank canvas and​ turn it​ into something really magical that will brighten your​ whole holiday season.

you​ can start by looking for​ ideas on​ the trees you​ see in​ public places like malls or​ hotel lobbies. These are great places to​ get ideas that you​ can easily bring to​ your​ own tree.
Here are some great tips for​ creating a​ beautiful tree

1.your​ tree will stand​ in​ you​ room till the holiday season​ ends so it​ should have a​ visual impact. The space in​ your​ room will determine the size of​ the tree you​ can have. this​ is​ important to​ consider especially if​ you​ want to​ enhance your​ ornaments.

2.Decide on​ the overall look you​ like. The more branch tips your​ tree has, the more ornaments and​ decorations are needed. if​ you​ want your​ tree to​ have an​ informal look, select a​ tree that has long needles and​ upswept branches. if​ you​ want something more formal, select a​ tree that has down swept branches and​ with short needles.

3.Pay attention​ to​ lighting. There is​ a​ general rule in​ deciding the number of​ lights for​ a​ tree — a​ one foot tree should have about 40-50 lights. The simplest thing to​ do is​ buy a​ pre-lit tree, no mess and​ easy storage. But if​ you​ do the lights yourself, hang them inside the tree, for​ a​ twinkling effect. Stringing the lights on​ the outer edges, over the tips of​ the branches won’t look right. Remember to​ keep the amount of​ light uniform, without and​ unfilled spaces.

4.Add garland. Whether you​ choose traditional garland​ or​ beaded garland, you​ can get a​ great look. if​ you​ want traditional, swag your​ garland​ from the top to​ the bottom, and​ also around the back of​ the tree. The swag of​ your​ garland​ will depend on​ the width of​ your​ tree. Twist the garland​ at​ the tip and​ it​ should be smaller as​ it​ reaches the top of​ the tree. Another style is​ to​ double swag your​ garland​ and​ form it​ into a​ spiral garland. Some prefer using ribbon​ that falls from the top of​ the tree down along to​ the bottom.

5.Use fillers. you​ must use fillers in​ order to​ give the tree an​ enchanting look. Some people don’t do this​ but it​ is​ a​ great way to​ give your​ tree a​ new look.

6.Choose a​ color scheme. Use a​ single color or​ two complimentary ones to​ give your​ tree a​ coordinated, decorator look. Try traditional choices such as​ red and​ gold, or​ something different like pink and​ white. Use ornaments of​ these colors and​ keep the garland​ in​ the same color family as​ well.

7.Dare to​ be different. Decorate according to​ what you​ like, even if​ it​ isn’t the “traditional” way. Use your​ favorite hobby, ornaments collected on​ vacations, or​ old style bulbs to​ create a​ look that’s truly your​ own. this​ will create a​ unique, personal holiday expression​ that is​ sure to​ be a​ conversation​ starter.

8.Don’t forget the handmade ornaments. No matter what style you​ are trying to​ achieve, the hand​ made ornaments of​ your​ own childhood, or​ those of​ family members can be wonderful additions to​ any tree, and​ compliment any style.

9.Cover the base of​ your​ tree with a​ colorful tree skirt so that the gifts underneath will rest on​ a​ pretty background. this​ makes the packages look even more festive, and​ looks good after the presents are unwrapped too.

10.Top it​ off. Use a​ star, an​ angel or​ a​ large bow — whatever suits your​ individual taste.

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