Ten Phenomenal Marketing Tactics

Ten Phenomenal Marketing Tactics
1 .​
An Ounce of​ Prevention...
How often do fads come and go? Sometimes they're here today and gone tomorrow...other times they're here to​ stay .​
Yeah,​ the​ problem is​ that it's pretty darned hard to​ predict exactly what will happen in​ the​ market place this year,​ much less for the​ next decade .​
Just look at​ the​ Internet...how much has it​ impacted marketing techniques in​ the​ last decade? Yep,​ you​ need to​ safeguard against unexpected whirlwinds that sweep the​ market when you​ are planning your marketing strategy .​
Don't get stuck on​ any one product or​ marketing technique...be flexible .​
you​ never know what's coming down the​ pike!
2 .​
a​ Foot in​ the​ Door...
How about it...do you​ mentally check customers who walk through your doors off your list of​ prospects? you​ may be short-changing yourself at​ the​ end of​ every day .​
Hey,​ it's a​ heck of​ a​ lot easier to​ sell to​ someone who's already loyal to​ you​ than to​ a​ complete stranger! Keep in​ contact...let them know about your upcoming sales...sell more to​ them,​ and watch your profits add up.
3 .​
Keep it​ Believable...
You don't want customers looking over the​ tops of​ their glasses with raised eyebrows at​ you​ .​
No,​ you​ want them to​ believe what you​ say as​ the​ gospel truth .​
Now,​ I​ didn't say not to​ be colorful and descriptive...just to​ keep it​ within believable bounds .​
No one trusts the​ exaggerated.
4 .​
Convert Fractions to​ Decimals...
Yep,​ you​ thought you​ got out of​ that when you​ walked out the​ school doors for the​ last time,​ didn't you? Let's face it...18.6 percent has a​ ring to​ it​ that rounding up to​ 20 percent just lacks .​
Fractional numbers presented in​ decimal form just sound scientific...and believable .​
Get the​ calculator out and start converting your way to​ copy and advertisements that have an​ impact.
5 .​
Stack Them Back to​ Back...
Blow out or​ steady stream? Rather than have an​ all out sale one weekend in​ the​ month,​ have one sale each weekend .​
Hey,​ what will happen when a​ customer comes into your store two extra times this month? Yeah,​ he'll probably make a​ few impulse purchases that he wouldn't have otherwise made...and add a​ few extra bucks to​ your monthly profit to​ boot!
6 .​
Ready,​ Aim...
Are you​ shooting for the​ right target? Yeah,​ I'm talking about the​ audience you​ target with your ads .​
Here's a​ quick check - can your customers afford your product? If you​ get a​ lot of​ window shoppers and no real increase in​ sales volume.. .​
it's time to​ set your sights somewhere else.
7 .​
One of​ a​ Kind...
It's tough to​ stand out in​ a​ competitive crowd .​
Yeah,​ the​ key to​ being in​ the​ spotlight is​ to​ have something no one else does .​
Be creative...hunt for that little extra benefit that no one else offers.
8 .​
Get Personal...
Everyone likes that special one-on-one attention .​
Think about it...does your advertising copy address the​ group,​ or​ does it​ speak to​ each and every individual who reads it? Yep,​ you'll start seeing more response when you​ chuck formality,​ and let a​ little personal style show through!
9 .​
Invest in​ a​ Filing Cabinet...
Let's face it...you're not likely to​ make the​ sale the​ first time with every customer who comes through your door .​
Unfortunately,​ all shoppers don't buy on​ impulse .​
Let me ask you​ what happens to​ the​ customer who goes home to​ think about it? If you​ have no record of​ them kept on​ file...who knows? Did they buy from a​ competitor who contacted them in​ the​ meantime? Did they change their mind? Yeah,​ getting organized and keeping track of​ the​ smart shoppers may be your key to​ higher sales this month.
10 .​
Be Irresistible...
Is the​ deal just too good to​ pass up? If not,​ try combining a​ set of​ valuable products with a​ special discount price .​
Packaging makes the​ difference between a​ sale and no sale in​ many cases .​
Wrap it​ with value and put a​ discount tag on​ it...they'll think they're getting a​ steal of​ a​ deal,​ and you'll be raking in​ the​ profits.

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