Ten Moving Tips

These moving tips may include a​ few things you​ hadn't thought of, or​ things you​ just need to​ be reminded of. Forget that safe deposit box, for​ example, and​ you​ may have to​ drive a​ long way to​ get at​ it. Ten more moving tips follow.

1. Get rid of​ things. Consider carefully what you​ need to​ keep. People spend hundreds of​ dollars to​ move things that will undoubtedly be thrown away some day. It's not just a​ matter of​ the expense, but the hassle too. Moving time is​ the best time to​ get rid of​ the things you​ really don't need.

2. Have a​ yard sale. It's a​ good way to​ get rid of​ those things, and​ you​ might even raise enough money to​ pay for​ the move.

3. Use lists. you​ will forget things, especially if​ you​ don't have a​ list or​ two. Start with a​ list of​ things to​ do before the move. it​ may include getting school documents transferred, filling out change of​ address forms, returning borrowed books and​ movies, transferring prescriptions, getting maps, and​ arranging utility shut offs and​ start ups.

4. Make the the moving company reservation​ a​ month ahead. you​ wouldn't want to​ find out they are booked up on​ the date you​ need them.

5. Pack early. It's hard to​ say how long it​ will take until you​ are doing it. Start early to​ avoid running around looking for​ boxes at​ the last moment.

6. Have an​ "essentials" box. this​ will have things to​ make your​ arrival easier, like toilet paper, paper plates, soap and​ such. Pack the box where it​ is​ easily accessible.

7. Check weather reports. It's no fun arriving in​ a​ snowstorm with your​ coat packed away somewhere. Allow for​ extra moving time if​ the weather is​ going to​ slow down traffic.

8. Notify family and​ friends of​ your​ new address and​ phone number(s). Do this​ before you​ have the phone shut off.

9. Save your​ receipts. Save receipts for​ moving expenses, like gas, hotel rooms, and​ anything else related to​ the move. Then ask your​ accountant or​ tax preparer if​ you​ are eligible for​ a​ tax deduction​ for​ moving expenses.

10. try to​ re-establish your​ routines quickly. it​ helps to​ quickly re-establish routines in​ your​ new home, so if​ Friday night is​ movie night, don't break with tradition. Moving is​ less traumatic if​ you​ have some consistency in​ daily life. if​ you​ are moving with children, this​ may be one of​ the more important moving tips.

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