Ten Minute Yoga Plan To Pep Up

Ten Minute Yoga Plan To Pep Up

Ten Minute Yoga Plan to​ ​ Pep Up

Whether you might be staying home with a ​ new baby or working too many hours at the​ office,​ anytime is​ ​ a ​ good time for yoga. You can do yoga stretches and postures in​ ​ bed or even while driving to​ ​ work.

Hundreds of ​ fitness seekers use their lunch hour to​ ​ squeeze in​ ​ exercise and take off extra pounds.

I occasionally use my lunch hour for Yoga,​ said John Ray White,​ 35,​ who works at the​ Arkansas attorney general's office. Downward facing dog and sun salutation are two of ​ the​ postures she practices every day.

Practicing yoga in​ ​ the​ middle of ​ day some people think is​ ​ the​ break that they need to​ ​ face the​ afternoon,​ said Ray.

Lunch-hour fitness routines become more popular in​ ​ warm weather.

Kick Back Log-on Pose

Interlace your fingers behind your head. Relax your elbows and shoulders. Smile,​ breathe and stretch your elbows back. Let the​ tightness release slowly.

E-mail Meditation

While reading your e-mail,​ remember to​ ​ breathe slowly and focus your attention on​ your breath. Make the​ out-breath two times longer than the​ in-breath. This will immediately calm you.

Photocopier Stretch

Place your hands on​ the​ edge of ​ the​ copier. Stand back with feet apart. Drop your head and chest. Breathe and relax your shoulders.

Close-the-deal Warrior Pose

Raise your arms to​ ​ the​ side with fingers pointed. Take a ​ big step to​ ​ the​ side,​ with your right foot out and knee bent,​ your left foot planted,​ left leg straight. Keep the​ upper body straight and strong,​ shoulders relaxed. Relax into the​ stretch -- don't hold your breath. Return to​ ​ a ​ standing position,​ switch sides and repeat.

Ten Minute Yoga Plan To Pep Up

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