Tell Them In Writing Thank You For Hiring Me

Tell Them in​ Writing Thank You for Hiring Me!
A thank you letter after you accept a​ job offer shows good taste,​ gratitude,​ and in​ general shows a​ new employer that they made a​ wise decision in​ hiring you .​
Most new hires do not write one,​ so if​ you are one of​ the​ smart few people who do,​ your relationship with your new employer will get off to​ a​ great start.
When you write this type of​ letter,​ the​ main goal you wish to​ accomplish is​ solidifying the​ new relationship .​
You can do this by re-stating the​ qualifications you have that will be beneficial to​ the​ company .​
Remind the​ hiring manager in​ this way of​ the​ reasons he had for hiring you .​
You are,​ in​ this way,​ congratulating him on​ his good sense,​ but doing so in​ a​ non-offensive,​ and non-egotistical manner .​
Be matter of​ fact,​ and to​ the​ point,​ because that is​ businesslike and you and he are there to​ conduct business .​
With luck you two will have a​ very long and mutually rewarding relationship.
If you are accepting a​ job in​ sales,​ marketing,​ promotions or​ a​ related field,​ then your letter should remind the​ hiring manager of​ accomplishments you’ve had in​ the​ past in​ sales or​ marketing .​
Tell the​ hiring manager that you are motivated and looking forward to​ working with your new team,​ adding sales to​ their gross and profits to​ their bottom line.
If you are accepting a​ job in​ retail management,​ your letter should re-emphasize to​ the​ reader your strong skills in​ customer service,​ your work ethic,​ willingness to​ be an​ active and cohesive part of​ the​ management team,​ and your ability to​ work well with the​ general public and your co-workers,​ leading by example and presenting a​ positive company image to​ the​ public.
A person working in​ education,​ as​ a​ teacher or​ administrator,​ should have a​ letter that emphasizes a​ willingness to​ work as​ part of​ the​ education team,​ teaching your subject to​ students and in​ the​ process,​ hopefully instilling in​ your charges a​ contagious enthusiasm for learning.
Your letter may also be a​ place to​ elaborate on​ goals you may have during your tenure with the​ organization .​
a​ salesman may mention his desire to​ increase sales by a​ certain percentage .​
a​ project manager may mention his or​ her desire to​ participate in​ a​ particular project that is​ important to​ the​ company’s success .​
a​ teacher may mention school organization’s that he or​ she wishes to​ sponsor.
While your resume made your first impression,​ and you during the​ interview obviously made a​ positive second impression to​ have been offered the​ job,​ your thank you letter after you’ve got the​ job will reinforce those impressions,​ taking away any buyer’s remorse or​ cold feet the​ hiring authority might have later .​
It will service to​ convince them that they made a​ good decision in​ bringing you on​ board as​ a​ part of​ their team.

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