Teen Safety In The Workplace

When teenagers go off to​ work-sometimes for the​ first time in​ their lives-parents want to​ know they will be safe in​ the​ workplace. Who will look out for their safety? Industrial hygienists are professionals who specialize in​ ensuring safe and healthy work environments for employees of​ all ages.

Are teenagers safe in​ the​ workplace? Do they know what to​ watch out for in​ terms of​ safety? Consider these statistics from the​ National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

• On average,​ 45 percent of​ American teens are employed each year-more than any other developed country.

• More than three million U.S. teens enter the​ workforce every summer and thousands of​ these teens are admitted to​ emergency rooms due to​ work-related injuries.

• Nearly 200,​000 adolescents suffer injuries on​ the​ job and approximately 70 die from these injuries each year.

• Teens have the​ highest rate of​ nonfatal work-related injuries,​ even though they encounter the​ same potential on-the-job hazards as​ adults.

• the​ reasons for teen work-related accidents include lack of​ experience,​ gaps in​ current laws and enforcement,​ inexperienced supervisors,​ working in​ industries that don't generally hire professionals trained in​ industrial hygiene and/or safety,​ physical limitations due to​ lack of​ size and strength,​ and simple lack of​ maturity ("goofing off" on​ the​ job).

• the​ majority of​ deaths and injuries of​ teen workers on​ the​ job occur in​ retail stores and restaurants.

• Common potential hazards include automobile and machinery operation (for teens old enough for such tasks),​ working in​ high-homicide industries such as​ retail,​ working with or​ near electrical or​ hot equipment,​ working jobs with fall hazards,​ and working jobs requiring manual lifting.

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