Teen Hair Style Ideas

Teen Hair Style Ideas

Teen Hair Style Ideas
There is​ perhaps never a​ better time when you​ can pull off the​ very trendy and funky hair styles as​ when you​ are a​ teenager. the​ teen hair style,​ while always evolving and reflecting the​ tastes of​ the​ generation,​ always tends to​ be a​ trendy hair style that is​ hard for​ older people to​ imitate and still look great. From a​ ton of​ texture to​ funky and fresh color techniques,​ the​ teen hair style is​ always at​ the​ cutting edge of​ fashion.
The funky teen hair style always looks like it​ has been taken straight off the​ runway. Infused with rich,​ trendy color,​ the​ teen hair style does a​ lot to​ capture an era of​ style completely. Just think about all of​ the​ famous teen hair styles,​ of​ the​ past. Complete generations have been defined by the​ trendy hair styles worn by the​ teenagers of​ that time.
Today,​ top teen hair styles are trendier than ever and cover a​ wide range of​ styles,​ lengths and textures. Perhaps for​ the​ first time,​ the​ teen hair style is​ a​ reflection of​ the​ person within instead of​ the​ popular teen hair styles without. I ​ mean just think of​ how many popular teen hair styles there are to​ choose from. we​ are no longer like the​ cookiecutter generations that came before.
While there are a​ great deal of​ teen hair styles to​ choose from and numerous variations of​ each,​ it​ can be hard to​ find the​ perfect teen hair style to​ reflect your personality and tastes. So,​ here are a​ few ideas for​ your next teen hair style.
The short teen hair style
The teen hair style has never been shorter. in​ fact,​ many teenage girls are now wearing their hair shorter than the​ boys. But one thing is​ always sure; the​ short teen hair style is​ always a​ trendy hair style. Full of​ texture and interest,​ the​ short teen hair style is​ never dull.
Probably the​ most popular short teen hair style of​ today is​ a​ variation on​ the​ pixie cut. Only about 1 to​ 1 ½ in​ length throughout,​ this teen hair style is​ heavily textured and can be worn in​ several different ways. From rigid spikes and soft funk to​ closetothehead tresses,​ this teen hair style accommodates a​ wide range of​ tastes.
The textured teen hair style
No matter what length your locks are,​ texture is​ needed to​ pull off a​ trendy hair style. This texture can be created through cutting and razoring techniques,​ it​ can be natural as​ in​ the​ case of​ natural curl,​ and it​ can be created chemically through perms and relaxers or​ thermal styling tools.
As mentioned before,​ todays teen hair style is​ never boring. Not only does texture liven up your teen hair style,​ it​ can also take a​ popular style and make it​ uniquely your own. Take for​ instance a​ simple layered teen hair style. Falling about shoulder length,​ this teen hair style would be dull if​ left to​ hang straight. But if​ you​ take the​ same cut and add pomade to​ texturize the​ ends or​ add spiral curl to​ this teen hair style with tube rollers,​ you​ could really have a​ different teen hair style each and every day.
The teen hair style and color
Every trendy hair style needs color,​ and the​ same is​ true for​ the​ teen hair style. Adding color can be as​ simple as​ a​ few highlights or​ lowlights or​ it​ can come in​ the​ form of​ dramatic changes such as​ dark colors for​ the​ Gothic look. Color for​ the​ teen hair style can also be a​ statement of​ itself. Just look at​ the​ colors worn by Pink and Christina Aguilera. Their most popular teen hair style cuts were not really anything that unique,​ it​ was their color that set their teen hair style apart from others.
When choosing color for​ your teen hair style do not be afraid to​ try something funky and unique. This may be the​ only time in​ your life that you​ can get by with blue highlights. Also,​ do not become wrapped up in​ choosing the​ same color for​ your teen hair style that you​ have seen worn by other people. Stay unique,​ venture out,​ be brave and you​ will always have a​ teen hair style worthy of​ envy.

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