Technology Controlled Marketing

Technology Controlled Marketing
RSS feeds and blogs took Internet marketing by a​ storm in​ 2018 .​
Every time we turn around there’s a​ brand new marketing vehicle speeding down the​ Internet highway .​
in​ the​ fast paced race of​ the​ virtual world,​ it’s easy to​ get swept away in​ the​ current of​ technology.
If we’re honest with ourselves,​ we’ll admit that computers have taken control of​ both our personal world and the​ business world .​
That’s a​ scary thought! It’s nearly impossible to​ even make a​ phone call without talking to​ a​ computer,​ much less try to​ find success in​ the​ marketplace without spending more time with your computer than you​ do your family.
Honestly,​ it​ wouldn’t be so bad if​ I​ could get my computer to​ do what I​ wanted it​ to​ all of​ the​ time .​
Unfortunately,​ there are a​ lot of​ days when I’m ready to​ pull my hair out in​ frustration because it​ refuses to​ obey my commands (usually screamed or​ hissed through gritted teeth) .​
It’s then that I​ realize just how little control I​ really do have in​ this technological world.
Think about it… when a​ computer refuses to​ do what you​ want it​ to,​ what are your alternatives? you​ can glare all day,​ threaten to​ fire it,​ or​ get mad and use a​ few expletives .​
It just sits there,​ frozen,​ with the​ same error message on​ the​ screen – unintimidated and unchanging .​
(That’s when you​ learn to​ appreciate staff members who are at​ least upset when you​ get ticked off because they don’t do what you​ want them to.)
Don’t take me wrong .​
Computers are really the​ most amazing invention to​ ever be introduced to​ humans .​
Take a​ look at​ Federal Express .​
Every day millions and millions of​ packages pass through the​ company’s computer system .​
you​ can track your package with a​ few clicks of​ the​ mouse and know exactly where it’s at​ and when it​ will arrive at​ your doorstep .​
a​ perfect example of​ a​ company that is​ in​ control of​ its computer system!
Technology can advance your marketing goals as​ well .​
How can you​ take the​ reigns and make technology an​ asset rather than a​ master?
1 .​
Take Control
Simply take control .​
Hey,​ I’m serious! How often do we find ourselves using computers for more than we intended to? Yeah,​ we find out what they can do and feel like we have to​ use them when we’re not ready .​
Don’t forget that you​ have the​ power to​ say,​ No! or​ even,​ later .​
Jumping into a​ project half prepared is​ the​ perfect formula for letting your computer take control.
2 .​
Learn the​ Ropes.
Even the​ most skilled web designers and computer programmers were once newbies who had to​ learn which button turned the​ computer on​ .​
Don’t be intimidated .​
Take some classes or​ find someone to​ tutor you​ .​
Be confident that you​ understand before you​ incorporate a​ new program into your marketing campaign.
Computers may rule the​ world,​ but they don’t have to​ rule you​ and me as​ individuals .​
We’re free to​ use them when they meet the​ needs of​ our marketing goals .​
We’re free to​ boot them when they become troublesome… just don’t forget to​ make a​ back up!

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