Take Time To Gather Decorating Ideas

Take Time To Gather Decorating Ideas

One of​ the things that drives me the craziest about people who are decorating their new homes is​ seeing them rush into many decisions and​ then regret them soon​ after. as​ an​ interior designer, that is​ the worst thing I see. it​ might be surprising that one of​ the biggest things I have to​ tell people is​ to​ relax, slow down and​ enjoy the process of​ gathering decorating ideas before they commit to​ anything.

I think part of​ why people are in​ a​ rush to​ decorate their new homes is​ because our culture is​ all about rushing and​ getting things done quickly. So few people like to​ enjoy the process and​ really make intentional decisions about their home. I think that having a​ home is​ one of​ life's best gifts, and​ therefore I love seeing people take that gift seriously and​ make the most of​ the opportunities they have.

When you​ realize what a​ privilege it​ is​ to​ have a​ space to​ call your​ own then I think you​ will value the decorating process even more. I think only as​ you​ see the value of​ the home will you​ value taking time to​ gather decorating ideas. By gathering decorating ideas keep in​ mind that I am not suggesting that you​ take six months or​ a​ year to​ gather an​ endless amount of​ ideas that you​ will never use. I do, however, mean that you​ should take a​ few weeks and​ really look at​ your​ options before making any big commitments.

One of​ the all-time best places to​ look for​ decorating ideas is​ in​ magazines that are focused on​ home decorating. Order a​ subscription​ to​ a​ couple of​ good ones or​ borrow some magazines from a​ friend. Just get yourself into them and​ start looking at​ what is​ popular right now and​ what catches your​ eye. you​ will quickly learn that the things that catch your​ eye have a​ pattern to​ them and​ you'll be off and​ running to​ creating your​ personal style in​ no time.

While it​ is​ wise to​ ask for​ opinions and​ suggestions from decorators, friends and​ family, ultimately you​ have to​ choose what kind of​ decorating ideas to​ incorporate into your​ own home. So be cautious about letting others influence you​ too much. Don't be afraid to​ try something unique or​ to​ go out on​ a​ limb with a​ decorating idea. The best place to​ experiment is​ within​ your​ own home.

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