Tactical Driving Tips

Tactical Driving Tips

The winter and​ driving shopping season​ is​ right around the corner. We need to​ remember that in​ the winter, with snow and​ freezing conditions, our driving tactics need to​ change. Accidents will occur on​ the snow and​ ice that wouldn't on​ dry pavement. this​ article will cover the important things to​ remember and​ how to​ drive safely.

The most important thing that everyone needs to​ remember is​ that you​ cannot stop as​ fast on​ icy or​ snow covered pavement. you​ need to​ drive slower which will give you​ more time to​ slow down. When you​ need to​ come to​ a​ stop anywhere give yourself more time by starting to​ slow down earlier than usual. When driving behind other vehicles make sure that you​ leave a​
bigger distance between you​ and​ the vehicle in​ front. this​ way you​ will have more time to​ slow down and​ also react to​ unexpected stops.

Slow down everywhere and​ anything that you​ do. Take turns slower, drive on​ straight roads slower and​ slow down alittle even on​ slight curves in​ the road. Anytime you​ have to​ turn that steering wheel ease of​ the gas appropiately. you​ need to​ be deliberate in​ all your​ actions. Anytime that you​ need to​ push
on​ the pedals, gas or​ brake, do it​ easily and​ steady. When making a​ turn ease that steering wheel slowly and​ don't make fast jerky movements.

Always be aware of​ your​ road conditions. Even when it​ is​ not snowing the road will ice up in​ places where there is​ moisture. this​ will happen more during the overnight hours when it​ is​ colder and​ there is​ no sunlight. Sometimes a​ spot will look just wet but is​ is actually ice, "black ice" as​ we know it. Be aware of​ bridges and​ overpasses. These road surfaces are always colder and​ therefore freezes up first. if​ you​ do find yourself
on​ ice just coast, don't brake or​ turn the wheel, until you​ pass over it.

Drive defensively. Always be on​ the lookout for​ other motorists that are making all of​ the mistakes. Approach intersections cautiously looking for​ other skidding vehicles. Keep an​ eye in​ your​ rear view mirror for​ vehicles hitting you​ from behind. Keep enough distance away from everyone so you​ don't become part of​ their accident.

Even after taking all your​ precautions you​ will eventually find yourself involved in​ a​ sliding situation. When you​ do, DON'T PANIC! Take your​ foot of​ the gas and​ don't hit the brakes. you​ then want to​ steer your​ car into the skid. People always hear that but don't know what to​ do anyway. if​ you​ are driving straight and​ the rear of​ your​ vehicle is​ sliding to​ the left and​ the
front of​ the vehicle to​ the right, then you​ need to​ countersteer your​ car to​ the left. if​ the car corrects itself then straighten the wheel back out. Sometimes the car will over correct itself and​ now it​ is​ sliding the other way. if​ this​ happens just countersteer again​ in​ the opposite direction.

Follow these tips and​ hopefully you​ won't become the next accident statistic. People with suv's are not immune to​ these rules. Remember not to​ drink and​ drive, stay off of​ your​ cell phone and​ always wear your​ seatbelt.

Tactical Driving Tips

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