Super Bowl Advertising And Marketing For Perfection

Super Bowl Advertising And Marketing For Perfection

The game kicks off in​ about one hour and we have already seen some of​ the​ high-priced ads. Here are my comments on​ how the​ big guys do it.

#1. Pepsi. Pepsi has an​ outside-the-box ad. the​ ad is​ done by two deaf guys trying to​ find out where Bob's house is. it​ is​ done completely in​ sign with sub-titles. This is​ a​ first. We will see if​ this is​ labeled "offensive" even if​ the​ National Association of​ the​ Deaf approved it.

#2. Budweiser. a​ perennial mainstay. Wouldn’t be a​ Super Bowl without Bud and all of​ their commercials.

#3. Miller Lite. Bud's main competition that seems to​ always be poking fun at​ Bud.

#4. GoDaddy. GoDaddy is​ always controversial which gets them the​ most publicity. you​ may see racier ads at​ their web site.

#5. P&G. Proctor and Gamble will air its first ever Super Bowl commercial featuring Tide.

#6. Vitoria's Secret. Marketing lingerie with hot chicks to​ guys makes sense to​ me.

There are more and I will post another article after the​ game.

Some comments in​ general.

Sex,​ humor,​ and music still sell. Well,​ it​ sells to​ a​ primarily male audience.

More companies are linking their TV ads to​ their web site.

Companies can get away with more on​ their web site. FCC rules don’t apply.

If it​ worked before,​ use it​ again.

Stars give credibility (to an​ extent).

Market to​ your audience (in this case,​ mainly males).

This is​ the​ only show that people actually wait in​ anticipation for the​ commercials.

Pepsi has coined a​ new term – different abilities – as​ opposed to​ disabled or​ challenged.

30 seconds cost almost three million,​ but these ads will be all over the​ Internet forever for free. Some ads are already at​ YouTube before the​ game started.

Marketing to​ 90 million people would be considered by most to​ be the​ greatest opportunity to​ get your product noticed. We will see who makes it​ big with the​ best Super Bowl ads.

OK. it​ is​ almost game time. I've got my sandwich,​ chips and dip,​ cold beer,​ and some cashews. I will be cheering for the​ New York Football Giants since I love an​ underdog.

Use the​ power of​ Super Bowl advertising to​ get some ideas on​ how to​ market your web site. Hopefully,​ for a​ lot less than 3 million dollars for ½ minute.

Super Bowl Advertising And Marketing For Perfection

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