Successful Blog Marketing Tips

Successful Blog Marketing Tips
So you​ have a​ blog and want to​ market it​ and make it​ a​ successful blog .​
How do you​ do this? How do you​ go about getting your blog out there to​ be seen and known by others? How do you​ draw readers and keep them coming back for more? There are many ways to​ get your blog out there and known by others .​
This can be known as​ challenging for some and just quite easy for others .​
If you​ have ever had a​ successful blog before then you​ know what it​ takes .​
You are not going to​ get anywhere by just setting up a​ blog and hoping that people will find it​ and read it .​
You are not going to​ gain any links,​ nor a​ higher search engine ranking by just having a​ blog .​
This is​ all part of​ blog marketing .​
Anyone can do it,​ even you.
Successful blog marketing tip number one .​
When you​ first create a​ blog,​ of​ course it​ is​ unheard of .​
No one knows anything about the​ blog unless you​ give them the​ link and show it​ to​ them .​
However,​ for a​ new blog that has never been seen,​ there are many ways to​ get it​ out there and known .​
You just need to​ know how .​
The first thing that you​ can do is​ to​ allow RSS feeds be taken from your blog .​
Allow other websites and blogs to​ publish your same exact blog .​
When you​ do this,​ they are giving you​ a​ link back to​ your blog,​ and also telling their readers all about your blog .​
You will get more traffic than ever with this tool .​
RSS feeds are wonderful for promoting and getting your blog out there.
Blog marketing tip number two .​
Update your blog frequently .​
We can not put enough emphasis on​ this tip .​
If you​ tell your readers that you​ are going to​ update your blog daily,​ then do it .​
If you​ tell them that you​ will be writing in​ your blog weekly,​ don’t let them down .​
Your readers are what makes your blog successful .​
You may not realize this in​ the​ beginning,​ and you​ will have few readers in​ the​ beginning as​ well,​ but you​ will eventually build a​ readership base and have people checking out your blog regularly .​
Maybe you​ do not plan on​ telling your readers how often you​ will update your blog .​
That is​ ok too .​
However,​ think about this,​ if​ you​ were reading a​ blog on​ a​ weekly basis,​ and you​ expected to​ see the​ blog that you​ like to​ read updated at​ least once a​ week,​ you​ would be very disappointed to​ find out that it​ was not .​
Sure,​ things happen that might prevent you​ from updating,​ and that is​ expected,​ and excused,​ but week after week can hurt you​ and cause you​ to​ lose readers.
Tip number three .​
While you​ are working on​ your readership base,​ and trying to​ gain readers,​ you​ are going to​ find that commenting on​ blogs that are relevant to​ yours will surely help .​
Find a​ blog that is​ on​ the​ same topic to​ yours,​ or​ close to​ it​ and leave comments .​
You can also make a​ track back with your blog postings to​ comment on​ your own blog .​
Doing so will probably more than likely give someone else the​ urge to​ track back to​ your blog .​
Which will be good for it​ as​ well .​
Commenting on​ blogs that get many comments will make yours be seen by those interested in​ that market .​
You will gain traffic and readers that way,​ and it​ is​ easy as​ well as​ free.
The fourth blog marketing tip .​
Learn and apply SEO to​ your blogs .​
SEO is​ search engine optimization .​
You are going to​ find that if​ you​ want your blog to​ go anywhere,​ you​ need SEO,​ and you​ need to​ know how to​ use it​ to​ the​ advantage of​ your blog .​
Just like a​ website,​ a​ blog will be better off optimized.

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