Successful Article Marketing Strategies

Are you​ thinking about starting to​ write articles as​ a​ way of​ promoting your website? Are you​ looking for some advice about how to​ write a​ successful article? Have you​ a​ lack of​ belief in​ your ability to​ write an​ interesting article? Around a​ year ago I would have answered yes to​ all of​ these three questions but have now learnt quite a​ lot about article marketing. in​ this article,​ I give tips and advice to​ help other people to​ become successful article marketers.

I have now had around three hundred articles accepted at​ what I consider to​ be one of​ the​ main article directories,​ ezinearticles. at​ times,​ I have to​ admit that it​ can be quite a​ choir to​ think of​ a​ subject to​ write about,​ to​ then write the​ article and also to​ then submit the​ article to​ all of​ the​ major article directories. at​ other times,​ the​ words seem to​ just flow and it​ can be quite easy and even enjoyable.

The benefits of​ article marketing can be huge and I am happy to​ report that a​ lot of​ my articles have been included on​ many different websites,​ this of​ course creates a​ lot of​ important one-way backward links to​ my websites.

I have seen a​ large increase of​ traffic to​ my sites,​ which is​ partly no doubt down to​ this writing of​ articles. as​ a​ rule I try to​ write around seven to​ ten articles per week. if​ on​ one particular week I am not able to​ for whatever reason,​ I do not stress about it,​ I just see it​ as​ a​ break.

I try to​ make each article interesting and they are written from the​ heart,​ in​ my own style. Some of​ them can be quite funny,​ for example,​ I have written an​ article about dieting which has the​ title of,​ Have you​ Ever Seen a​ Fat Postman?

I try not to​ make each article too long as​ people may become bored half way through. at​ the​ same time I believe each article should not be too short as​ there is​ likely to​ be little value to​ the​ reader. My articles are normally anywhere between four and seven hundred words in​ length.

Most of​ my articles will give the​ reader some form of​ advice about the​ subject I am writing about. This advice of​ course,​ is​ my own personal opinion and comes from my own personal experiences.

I have received many e-mails from people who have enjoyed reading my articles and I have also had requests from other people who have asked if​ I would be willing to​ write articles for them.

I am sure if​ I can write a​ number of​ articles that everyone else can. Give it​ a​ go,​ you​ might surprise yourself.

Once you​ have written the​ article,​ you​ then need to​ submit it​ to​ some of​ the​ article directories. in​ my opinion these are the​ best,​ ezinearticles,​ articledashboard,​ goarticles,​ articlealley and searchwarp.

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