Success In The Workplace Is All About Attitude And Approach

Success In the​ Workplace is​ All About Attitude And Approach
Whether you're just entering the​ workforce or​ have been entrenched for many years or​ are creating your own business,​ the​ world of​ work is​ an​ intrinsic part of​ all of​ our lives .​
And for a​ relative few,​ it's not all about the​ money.
Our lives in​ the​ work world can take many transitions:
As a​ teenager just entering the​ work world,​ it​ may be to​ earn enough money to​ buy a​ car,​ clothes,​ afford dates and for some,​ earn tuition into college .​
And along the​ way,​ discover if​ the​ type of​ work is​ one that appeals enough to​ continue,​ or​ indicates the​ need to​ try something else.
For others,​ who have taken a​ chosen path through college and are preparing to​ enter the​ work world,​ their focus will be following their path into positions for which they've studied .​
Although it's just as​ possible that along the​ way,​ they may discover a​ penchant for something entirely different.
For those who have been entrenched in​ the​ work world for many years,​ it's quite possible that their initial position(s) and intention(s) may have been shaped or​ even curtailed by the​ need to​ earn enough money to​ support a​ lifestyle that may include a​ spouse and maybe children and a​ mortgage.
For others,​ it's not a​ rare occurrence that they have taken the​ lowliest,​ entry,​ position and worked their way up through the​ workplace and achieved all they desired in​ terms of​ personal accomplishment,​ respect within the​ workplace and garnered the​ wealth they need to​ support whatever their lifestyle.
For those who are creating their own business,​ it's rare that it's done right out of​ school,​ but more often a​ result of​ experience already gained working for someone else and in​ the​ belief that they can earn enough money to​ support an​ idea/product/service of​ their own,​ as​ well as​ support themselves .​
And hopefully,​ when it​ comes to​ hiring others to​ support this new business,​ experience has also been gained as​ to​ how to​ treat employees to​ get the​ best from them.
Whatever your position in​ relation to​ the​ world of​ work,​ one thing is​ clear - Your attitude towards work and/so how you approach it​ makes all the​ difference in​ how well you succeed.
You know the​ old saying about how there are no small parts,​ only small actors? It's like that in​ the​ work world .​
There are no small positions,​ only small minds.
Regardless your position in​ the​ work world,​ there is​ always opportunity to​ improve your lot .​
So if​ you foster an​ attitude that you are not limited to​ your position,​ and approach each work day with an​ open mind and pay attention,​ you will discover ways that you can go from a​ sales clerk to​ store manager in​ just a​ few months.
Now if​ you're thinking this sounds a​ bit like those commercials on​ tv that are suggesting you can go from a​ size 22 to​ a​ size 10 in​ a​ few months with their weight loss product and you think to​ yourself it​ sounds too good to​ be true,​ perhaps you didn't pay attention to​ the​ part,​ combined with exercise and a​ sensible diet.
Which is​ to​ say,​ that whether it's losing weight or​ achieving success in​ the​ work world,​ you will have to​ pay attention to​ everything that is​ going on​ around you,​ what you are doing and make a​ concerted effort to​ integrate yourself .​
In other words - You will have to​ work at​ it.
Right now there's a​ tv commercial touting how you can work at​ home and buy a​ new home or​ earn $7,​000 a​ month in​ your spare time .. .​
Which does sound exciting,​ but - NOT ONE WORD is​ said about HOW you can do any of​ this .​
Only that there's a​ website that will show you.
If you've been enticed by such come ons,​ it's understandable - Everyone one would like to​ be able to​ buy a​ new house or​ earn lots of​ money,​ and there are those who have achieved financial independence and monetary success via the​ Internet .​
So if​ you've gone to​ this or​ any other website seeking your fortune,​ that's nothing to​ be ashamed about .​
But if​ you were believing that such sources would be the​ answer to​ your success,​ 'time for an​ attitude adjustment.
The only way to​ achieve success is​ by planning your work and working your plan .​
And that's much easier said than done .​
On and off the​ Internet.
Don't believe the​ hype that it's easy,​ to​ achieve financial independence and monetary success via the​ Internet .​
It's not .​
In fact,​ it​ may very well be even more difficult to​ make a​ successful go of​ it​ on​ the​ Internet as​ opposed to​ in​ the​ real,​ world .​
Mostly because doing business on​ the​ Internet is​ still a​ relatively unknown quantity .​
Whereas in​ the​ real,​ world there are established ways of​ building a​ business and even well established businesses built upon helping others build a​ business.
Sure there are scores of​ websites designed to​ encourage you to​ start building your own business on​ the​ Internet,​ but - There are so many different attitudes and approaches towards doing so that it's quite overwhelming and hard to​ know which ones really work.
There have been many people who have lost everything because of​ following a​ certain guaranteed,​ path of​ creating a​ successful business on​ the​ Internet.
Best advice - Don't spend one thin dime or​ even attempt to​ start your own business on​ the​ Internet until you've taken a​ good deal of​ time and done extensive research of​ what's being presented as​ the​ way to​ achieve success on​ the​ Internet.
And if​ you do achieve a​ state where you believe that you know what will work for you - Be prepared to​ work,​ work,​ work .​
Establishing and maintaining a​ viable business on​ the​ Internet is​ no free or​ easy ride.
And if​ you work in​ the​ real world,​ here's the​ real deal -
To achieve success from/with/in any position,​ the​ first steps you can take are to​ be at​ work every day,​ on​ time and to​ agree,​ without question,​ to​ do whatever is​ asked of​ you.
Of course,​ you shouldn't do anything unethical,​ but in​ today's work world,​ it's very rare that an​ employer would even suggest such .​
Too much corruption and unethical behavior has been exposed and too many organizations have been established to​ protect people in​ the​ workplace for this to​ be a​ common occurrence.
A key example of​ practicing a​ positive attitude and approach regarding your work position: Consider your employer,​ all the​ way to​ the​ top position,​ as​ a​ person instead of,​ the​ MAN .​
a​ person,​ just like you,​ who had to​ start somewhere,​ learn the​ ropes and make the​ climb to​ where they are.
Then,​ take a​ look at​ the​ big picture and ask yourself just how much you know to​ be able to​ run a​ company with all its complexities,​ right down to​ the​ process of​ hiring you.
If you consider your superiors as​ people who have not only earned their positions,​ but as​ people who have to​ continue to​ earn their positions,​ which involves a​ great deal more than your position,​ you'll find that your attitude and approach towards them and consequently,​ the​ experience of​ working with them,​ will improve exponentially.
So what we're talking about here is​ learning to​ adjust your own attitude and approach to​ become an​ asset to​ your workplace,​ which will naturally benefit you .​
And by being an​ asset,​ those who are in​ positions to​ help you advance within the​ workplace will be more likely to​ do so.
If you add to​ this mix a​ willingness to​ go the​ extra step,​ by volunteering at​ least your enthusiasm to​ learn more,​ do more,​ then you really will get noticed and yes,​ promoted,​ to​ the​ level of​ your incompetence,​ as​ the​ joke goes.
See,​ most people become their own worst enemy within the​ workplace because of​ their lackluster attitude and approach .​
Instead of​ looking for ways that they can keep their days at​ work at​ least interesting,​ if​ not exciting,​ which just naturally leads to​ advancements,​ they start watching the​ clock,​ goofing off,​ calling off sick and generally start seeing their position as​ a​ dead end job.
That's not to​ say that there aren't times when work positions truly are dead ends,​ but again,​ with a​ better attitude and approach,​ one can at​ least make the​ best of​ it,​ and begin looking for another position that may be more satisfying.
There are several important benefits of​ making the​ most of​ your current work position while seeking another:
1) It's a​ fact that it's much easier to​ find new employment when you're already employed.
And -
2) It will allow you to​ give a​ two week notice,​ which is​ regarded as​ a​ common courtesy within the​ work world .​
Doing so will allow you to​ leave one position with a​ positive reference,​ and prove to​ your new employer that your attitude and approach is​ about doing the​ right thing.
Even if​ you're someone who has been at​ the​ same workplace without feeling like you're on​ the​ fast track,​ to​ improving your lot,​ but you believe it's better to​ have a​ steady job than risk unemployment because you do have responsibilities - Take a​ good,​ hard,​ long look at​ your attitude and approach towards your work position and start thinking in​ terms of​ what YOU can do to​ improve it,​ instead of​ lamenting how it's lacking.
But,​ if​ your efforts do not improve your position,​ start sending out resumes .​
Believe it​ or​ not,​ employers of​ other companies,​ especially if​ they're in​ competition with your current employer,​ love to​ steal,​ away a​ long time employee .​
Such a​ transition usually is​ just what you need to​ achieve the​ advancements you had been seeking.
Then we​ have the​ relatively rare individual whose attitude and approach has been to​ actively participate within their workplace while absorbing,​ everything they could until they achieve a​ state of​ self confidence that leads them to​ believe they have what it​ takes to​ strike out on​ their own.
It may be with an​ improved product/service based on​ their previous work experience,​ or​ it​ may be based on​ solid research of​ an​ idea for a​ product/service they have happened upon for which they believe there is​ a​ need and one they believe they can market.
These individuals have definitely chosen the​ road less traveled - If it​ was easy,​ everyone would be doing it.
For those of​ us on​ the​ sidelines,​ all we​ can do is​ support them however we​ can,​ to​ help them achieve success.
Whatever path you're on​ with regards to​ the​ world of​ work,​ bottom line - Success doesn't discriminate .​
It's equally available to​ everyone,​ regardless of​ age or​ sex .​
You have only to​ cultivate and practice the​ hard won lessons learned by those before you and always be looking for opportunities to​ improve.
If you're serious about achieving success in​ your workplace,​ as​ an​ employer,​ an​ employee or​ as​ someone who is​ self employed,​ do a​ little research and discover the​ resource specifically created to​ help you understand the​ work world and how it​ works,​ from all sides.

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