Styling Secrets Of Hair Transplant

Styling Secrets of​ Hair Transplant
If you​ are getting a​ hair transplant,​ you​ probably want to​ know all about styling methods .​
From the​ days before your surgery to​ the​ years afterwards,​ it​ is​ good to​ know all you​ can about how to​ care for​ your hair .​
If you​ did not want your hair to​ look good,​ you​ would not have had the​ hair transplant in​ the​ first place .​

When you​ are having your consultation with the​ surgeon,​ explain the​ kind of​ hair style you​ would like to​ have .​
This gives him an​ idea of​ how best to​ create the​ design of​ the​ hair transplant receptor sites on​ your scalp .​
It might make a​ difference in​ the​ angle of​ the​ hair or​ the​ direction of​ the​ hair .​

The doctor will show you​ before and after pictures of​ his past hair transplant patients .​
Do not be discouraged if​ they all seem to​ have the​ same plain haircut in​ the​ after pictures .​
This is​ often the​ case when the​ doctor is​ trying to​ be truthful .​

He will have the​ patients pose with their hair sans hair styling products like mousse or​ gel .​
This is​ to​ prevent you​ from getting a​ false impression of​ what a​ hair transplant can do .​
Yet,​ if​ you​ use your imagination,​ you​ can see how the​ right style would make the​ hair transplant look great .​

Before you​ go in​ for​ your hair transplant surgery,​ your surgeon will give you​ some facts about how to​ care for​ your hair before the​ surgery and after .​
He will emphasize that the​ hair on​ your crown should be at​ least 2cm long .​
This is​ so that the​ donor site scar will be adequately covered up until the​ sutures heal .​

Also,​ the​ doctor will not tell you​ to​ get a​ haircut .​
in​ fact,​ when getting a​ hair transplant,​ the​ longer your hair is,​ the​ better it​ often works .​
It hides the​ sutures and eventually hides any scars you​ might have .​

You will be told to​ use your normal shampoo before the​ hair transplant surgery .​
No special scalp treatment will be needed .​
Do not worry about any scraggly hair on​ top of​ your head .​
the​ doctor will blend it​ in​ with the​ grafts as​ he goes .​

It may seem odd,​ but once the​ grafted hairs are set,​ they are just as​ strong as​ the​ rest of​ your hair .​
you​ can cut them,​ comb and brush them,​ and even dye them in​ time .​
New hairs start to​ grow within three months .​
you​ will find you​ need haircuts more often,​ as​ your hair will grow about one or​ two centimeters per month .​

As for​ intense styling,​ your hairdresser can help you​ with that in​ about 20 days after your hair transplant surgery .​
Your grafted hairs are the​ same as​ old hairs but they are balding resistant .​
However,​ they need special care at​ first .​
Your hairdresser should know about hair transplants and understand just what you​ need to​ avoid .​

After a​ few short weeks,​ you​ can treat your hair transplant grafts just like you​ did your old hair before you​ lost it .​
you​ can style it​ however you​ want .​
you​ can comb it​ and use hair care products on​ it .​
Do not forget: this is​ really your own hair .​

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