Stuck Writing Your Vows Read Through These Sample Wedding Vows

Stuck Writing Your Vows Read Through These Sample Wedding Vows

Are you getting married soon and need to​ write your wedding vows? Can't think of​ the​ right words to​ say or​ use? Do you need some sample wedding vows to​ jump start your thinking? Hey,​ we​ know what you're going through,​ so relax a​ little bit and check out these sample vows you can use for your wedding.

Now,​ keep in​ mind that there are differing vows for each religion. Also,​ these are not set in​ stone,​ and can be changed around to​ your liking or​ combined with other vows. the​ choice is​ yours,​ just remember to​ check with your officiant before totally committing to​ whatever vow you choose. (Especially if​ you are getting married in​ a​ church or​ synagogue - they probably have set standards on​ what is​ acceptable.)

Common Sample Wedding Vow:
I,​ (Bride or​ Groom),​ take thee,​ (Bride or​ Groom) to​ be my lawfully wedded (wife or​ husband),​ to​ have and to​ hold from this day on,​ for better or​ for worse,​ for richer or​ for poorer,​ in​ sickness or​ health,​ to​ love and to​ cherish,​ 'til death do us part.

Roman Catholic Sample Wedding Vow:
I,​ (Bride or​ Groom),​ take you,​ (Bride or​ Groom),​ to​ be my (wife or​ husband). I promise to​ be true to​ you in​ good times and in​ bad,​ in​ sickness and in​ health. I will love you and honor you for all the​ days of​ my life.

Muslim Sample Wedding Vow:
I pledge,​ in​ sincerity and honesty,​ to​ be for you a​ faithful and obedient (bride or​ groom).

I hope that some of​ these wedding vow samples have eased your mind somewhat and maybe even given you a​ few ideas to​ use for your own vows. Theses samples are just that - samples,​ it's your wedding and you can do whatever you want.

If you're the​ more creative type you may want to​ consider writing your own vows. It's really not all that hard and can add a​ very personal touch to​ your wedding vows.

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