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Stretching and​ yoga aren’t just for swamis who can fold themselves up like pretzels,​ or​ movie stars who have nothing better to​ do with their days! it​ can be a​ beneficial practice to​ all who use it,​ and​ one doesn’t have to​ adopt the​ worldview of​ the​ swamis in​ order to​ reap benefits from it. ​
The pace of​ our lives these days is​ crazy—some would argue destructive.
Yoga proponents say that learning the​ art form will not make you dull,​ but more magnetic,​ and​ show you the​ importance of​ slowing down. ​
Yoga’s ‘inactivity’ can insert a​ moment to​ breathe in​ the​ midst of​ the​ hustle and​ bustle of​ life,​ can clear your mind,​ and​ reenergize you with just a​ few simple techniques.
The first lesson in​ any Yogic theory is​ how to​ relax. ​
This doesn’t mean you flop on​ the​ sofa and​ become a​ couch potato; instead it​ is​ defined as​ ‘a conscious transfer of​ energy from one department of​ nature to​ another….’ Even if ​ you do this for 5 minutes at ​ a​ time over a​ beverage,​ you’re on​ your way to​ relaxing. ​
it​ will increase your efficiency—try it​ and​ see!
Stretching involved in​ yoga can be very simple lie on​ the​ floor without pillows. ​
Remove your shoes and​ wear whatever is​ loose fitting and​ comfortable to​ you. ​
Stretch your arms over your head while stretching your legs and​ feet. ​
Close your eyes and​ let your head roll to​ one side.
Now release each part of​ your body and​ consciously permit each limb,​ each ‘section’ of​ your body,​ to​ meld in​ to​ the​ floor. ​
Permit yourself to​ feel as​ if ​ you are sinking and​ think of​ a​ peaceful scene. ​
This will likely feel very odd to​ you the​ first time you do it,​ but the​ relaxation that you bring each part of​ your body will be refreshing!
Now we’ll work on​ stretching! Lie on​ the​ floor as​ you did for your fullbody relaxation,​ only this time,​ interweave your fingers above your head. ​
if ​ you turn your palms upward,​ you’ll feel a​ bigger stretch along your ribs and​ spine. ​
Stretch your arms as​ far above your head as​ possible,​ pointing your toes and​ pushing them towards the​ floor so you can feel every muscle between your head and​ feet.
Once you have stretched every part of​ your body,​ release! Now go back in​ to​ your fullbody relaxation mode,​ remembering to​ start at ​ the​ head and​ relax your way down to​ your toes.
Now work on​ the​ ‘complete breath’ that yoga teaches. ​
Lying flat on​ the​ floor without pillows,​ place your hands gently on​ your diaphragm. ​
Slowly exhale as​ much as​ you can. ​
Very slowly begin to​ inhale through the​ mouth,​ evenly and​ without sudden stops. ​
You will feel your diaphragm expand at ​ this point—keep going. ​
Now exhale through your mouth,​ using a​ slight force,​ expelling as​ much air as​ possible.
You have just completed your ‘complete breath’ in​ yogic teaching! if ​ you build up the​ number of​ complete breaths per day,​ you’ll notice less tension,​ better rest,​ and​ a​ more relaxed you. ​
Release the​ stress of​ your day and​ become who you were designed to​ be!
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