Stress Meditation

Stress Meditation
Too much stress? you​ need a​ simple stress meditation. ​
of​ course,​ learning to​ meditate might intimidate you,​ and​ its tough to​ find the​ time for daily meditation. ​
a​ solution to​ both problems is​ a​ meditation you​ can learn right now,​ that will take a​ minute to​ do each day.
An Easy Stress Meditation
When you​ breath through your mouth,​ it​ expands your chest. ​
Breath through your nose and​ youll notice how your abdomen extends. ​
Nosebreathing causes the​ diaphram to​ pull air to​ the​ bottom of​ your lungs. ​
This delivers a​ good dose of​ oxygen into your bloodstream and​ brain,​ and​ it​ also tends to​ relax you. ​
Breathing through your nose is​ healthier,​ and​ its the​ basis of​ this oneminute meditation. ​

Heres how you​ do it. ​
Close your eyes,​ sigh,​ and​ let the​ tension go out of​ your muscles. ​
it​ may help to​ tense up your muscles first,​ then release that tension. ​
Then let go of​ your thoughts,​ as​ much as​ possible,​ and​ take four or​ five slow,​ deep breaths through your nose,​ paying attention to​ your breathing.
Can Meditation Be This Easy?
The short answer is​ yes. ​
No,​ youre not likely to​ get you​ into a​ deep meditative state with this simple stess meditation. ​
However,​ you​ will get benefits,​ including a​ clearer mind and​ a​ reduction in​ stress.
It helps to​ develop a​ trigger for your meditation. ​
For example,​ do your four breaths when you​ get into the​ car,​ or​ right after lunch each day. ​
These triggers are places or​ times that remind you,​ so your meditation becomes a​ habit.
You can say this isnt real meditation,​ but theres nothing wrong with enjoying the​ relaxation youll get from this technique. ​
if ​ you​ want,​ you​ can always pursue deeper meditation later. ​
Meanwhile,​ remember that not everything has to​ be difficult to​ be of​ value. ​
Why not try this easy oneminute stress meditation?

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