Stress Management In The Workplace

Stress Management In The Workplace

As a​ Health & Safety officer for a​ large company in​ the​ it​ sector,​ we​ have had to​ tackle the​ issue of​ Stress Management at​ work and i wanted to​ share what should be done to​ reduce stress related illness at​ work with everyone.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive)recently launched a​ new campaign based at​ employers to​ manage stress at​ work for all employees which sent panic round many industry sectors.
Stress being explained as​ the​ "adverse effect people have to​ excessive pressure" summed up our assumptions of​ stress in​ the​ workplace with many people going off ill with stress but also G.P's not knowing enough about the​ symptoms and ready to​ sign off people for weeks on​ end without a​ full diagnosis.

Employers need to​ be aware that stress is​ now classed as​ an​ accident at​ work and should be investigated fully,​ not just left at​ the​ docters letter sitting in​ the​ HR in-tray.
Your employer should be looking for signs in​ their employees of​ stress like anxiety symptoms,​ heavy drinking has been linked to​ stress as​ people cannot deal with the​ pressure and turn to​ the​ bottle. Personal issues can have a​ dramatic effect on​ your woprking life so managers should be approachable for issues and help out where ever they can.
Managers are responsible and should receive stress management training & how to​ carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments on​ stress either in​ a​ generic format or​ personal risk assessment on​ individuals.

Impliment the​ control measures trained,​ ensure excessive working times are eliminated,​ all holiday entitlement is​ taken,​ consider job rotation,​give the​ employee scope to​ control they way they work(reasonable),​ reporting structure for stress and not feel penalised for this,​ whistle blowing on​ bullying & harrassment and even consider confidential external councilling.

A strong stress management policy which is​ communicated to​ all employees is​ a​ good starting block for the​ management of​ this issue. if​ your employer is​ not doing the​ above then they are breaking the​ law and could be prosecuted.

Stress Management In The Workplace

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