Strategies For Marketing Your Poker Site

For many people - be they laymen,​ established offline marketers and webmasters- marketing on​ the​ internet is​ becoming more and more complex- as​ new methods,​ technologies and trends appear every day. What may have been considered as​ effective last year would likely be thought of​ as​ a​ waste of​ money and resources in​ 2018. as​ the​ internet continues its evolution,​ so do the​ methods that are used to​ effectively market websites. the​ science of​ online marketing means that one has to​ consider not only the​ traffic numbers to​ a​ website today,​ but also how well the​ search engines are reacting to​ it,​ for tomorrow. This is​ especially true for poker websites- as​ on​ the​ one hand,​ the​ search engines,​ such as​ Google,​ have a​ quite moralistic slant and won't allow pay per click ads on​ sites actively promoting online gaming and on​ the​ other,​ some of​ the​ very biggest and most important websites ranked at​ search engines like Google,​ are poker-related. So the​ six million dollar question is- how do you​ market your poker website?

The following three "get.." marketing steps are amongst the​ best proven techniques in​ the​ current online environment for poker websites:

Get submitting to​ niche poker directories!

Employing website directories for your marketing efforts is​ a​ good idea. By registering your website and its anchor text to​ niche directories,​ you​ basically bring your website to​ the​ attention of​ people who have a​ specific interest in​ your website's subject and content. Also,​ by submitting your website to​ directories,​ you​ are basically bringing your website to​ its target audience and not employing "hit and miss" SEO techniques- where you​ hope your traffic is​ interested in​ your website's subject,​ but can't be sure,​ as​ the​ source is​ so generic in​ nature.

Get your website reviewed!

Another popular and highly effective marketing method is​ achieved by submitting your website for review at​ various review websites. There are many review websites that are available on​ the​ internet. There are general interest review sites that will review websites in​ all types of​ subjects. There are also review websites that only cater to​ a​ particular subject,​ such as​ poker-related websites. Getting your website reviewed is​ a​ great way of​ determining how good you​ have made it. if​ it​ receives a​ great review,​ then you're on​ the​ right track and you​ also gain confidence that people will flock to​ your website. if​ it​ did not get a​ favorable review then you​ can use the​ comments to​ improve your website. the​ good thing though is​ that,​ whether you​ get a​ good or​ bad review,​ you​ still get the​ benefits of​ reciprocal linking with the​ reviewing website and carry the​ page rank from that link,​ which search engines will favor- it​ being "relevant".

Get mentioned in​ blogs!

Getting your poker website mentioned in​ blogs has similar benefits to​ the​ above two techniques- but is​ arguably an​ even more effective way in​ to​ creating links and driving traffic. But with blogs,​ you​ need to​ be a​ little more subtle and long-term than you​ would with just submitting your site for a​ review or​ into a​ directory. if​ you​ just post a​ random comment,​ with your website's url embedded,​ your comment is​ more likely than not going to​ be deleted in​ the​ moderation process by the​ blog's owner. So you​ need to​ connect with other bloggers on​ a​ more genuine level by joining their blog community and becoming a​ trusted and active member. you​ can be clever and pretend that you​ are trying to​ sell your site as​ a​ new member and thus protect your link under false pretences- but long-term,​ if​ you​ want to​ build up goodwill and an​ active,​ loyal community for your poker website- you​ just need to​ spend time yourself (or find somebody else who is​ willing) to​ post on​ blogs in​ an​ engaging and interesting way. This is​ especially true with a​ topic like poker,​ where so many people are so-called "experts" and it​ incites passion so commonly. if​ this technique seems the​ most laborious of​ the​ three,​ it​ is​ also the​ most rewarding in​ every respect.

By using these three simple and straightforward techniques,​ you​ will have gone some way to​ getting your poker website "out there". There is​ always more to​ do and the​ goalposts tend to​ move a​ great deal- but the​ benefits that you​ reap are more than likely to​ reflect the​ effort that you​ put in...

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