Stimulating Word Of Mouth Marketing

Stimulating Word Of Mouth Marketing

In order to​ stimulate word of​ mouth marketing,​ there are many things that can be
done,​ but they must be instituted in​ a​ proper manner. in​ recent years,​ the​ concept
of Pay-Per-Lead has proliferated the​ internet and marketers have leveraged that to
generate leads. However,​ the​ approach can be as​ worthless as​ a​ 0.01% response rate
per 50,​000.

This is​ why word of​ mouth marketing approaches must be far more targeted than CPA
programs,​ and far more dynamic than conventional and often simplistic permission
marketing approaches.

In my opinion,​ there are at​ least 2 ways you​ can immediately stimulate word-of-mouth
marketing right now.

Method 1: the​ Ethical Bribe.

This is​ a​ common method which you​ will want to​ use sparingly unless you​ know the
nature of​ your target market. Will they want what you​ are offering? Will you​ be able
to hit that raw nerve that will get them telling more people about your website or
service or​ product?

The ethical bribe when used can be very powerful. It's simple to​ set up. Purchase an
email marketing software like the​ one at​ and create
an additional campaign and an​ additional page every time you​ run an​ advertisement.
Always redirect your main opt-in to​ the​ tell-a-friend page and set up your new
opt-in codes on​ that page,​ always remembering to​ give them your ethical bribe.

The biggest drawback is​ that an​ ethical bribe does not guarantee that people will
definitely tell a​ friend. They will tell anyone! Thus,​ the​ set up of​ the​ ideal
tell-a-friend sequence is​ important. to​ tell an​ individual to​ bring another
individual to​ a​ website has constraints which need to​ be addressed,​ and probably
will not be as​ effective as​ it​ ought to​ be. Technology can catch up and software to
generate tell-a-friend campaigns could be a​ little more efficient,​ and possibly
offer a​ buffet spread of​ items that a​ friend could select to​ gift their friend.

Method 2: Social Proof

Social proof is​ a​ psychological mechanism that gets people to​ act. if​ one person has
been told that something is​ good,​ they won't be able to​ say it's good. They need to
see that there has been a​ fairly large quantity of​ people who say it's good before
they jump without thinking.

Social proof does have its flaws and I do understand that there are people who feel
that it​ is​ 'unethical' to​ create a​ buzz. Still,​ the​ method will work if​ you​ have a
good product or​ service that adds value anyway. People are still communal in​ nature,​
and they will always tell their friends or​ associates in​ the​ appropriate discussion
environment about things that will benefit them.

To find out more about word of​ mouth marketing methods,​ just go to

Stimulating Word Of Mouth Marketing

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