Steps To A Writing An Effective Press Releases

Steps To A Writing An Effective Press Releases

Steps to​ a​ Writing an​ Effective Press Releases
ant to​ get the​ most media attention and spotlight for your business? Then the​ first place to​ start is​ with a​ GREAT press release .​
Now I​ can almost see half of​ you leaving now,​ dreading the​ thought of​ having to​ write one of​ these .​
But wait!! I’m going to​ show you easy methods to​ make your press release work for you and get the​ attention it​ deserves .​
Ready? Let’s go.
We’ll briefly go over the​ basics because of​ their importance .​
Editors want to​ see things done the​ RIGHT way .​
I​ would bet that a​ lot of​ good releases simply get tossed out just because they aren’t set up properly .​
To a​ busy editor,​ that all too familiar 10 second glance says a​ lot for you and your business; it​ let’s them know if​ you’ve done your research enough to​ warrant that release to​ be placed in​ their newspaper or​ magazine .​
Here are your essentials:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on​ the​ top left of​ the​ page.
Your contact name,​ phone number,​ e-mail address,​ and website follows.
Headline is​ next,​ normally in​ bold and centered on​ the​ page .​
Summarize what the​ release is​ about and capture their attention .​
Spend almost as​ much time on​ your headline as​ you do writing the​ release .​
It’s that important.
The press release body starts with the​ location of​ the​ release and the​ date (Margate,​ Florida,​ May 5,​ 2005.)
Most press releases are between 200-500 words,​ and no more than a​ page .​
The first paragraph has the​ most important information .​
Don’t save the​ best for last,​ it​ won’t get read .​
In this paragraph answer the​ questions,​ who,​ what,​ when,​ where and why?
It is​ recommended that you write press releases in​ the​ 3rd person and use short sentences and paragraphs .​
Do not go over board,​ trying to​ dazzle the​ editor,​ it​ won’t work.
Target your release .​
You will be sending your release to​ a​ specific audience so make sure that in​ your release you keep to​ what would appeal to​ that audience .​
What don’t they know that you can add? Nothing works better than getting an​ AAH HAA when an​ editor is​ reviewing your release.

Provide statistics .​
Do some research and find some relevant information that applies .​
You can easily do this through Google .​
Once you find your quote,​ do a​ Google search or​ Yahoo quote on​ that particular topic .​
However,​ don’t stop on​ the​ first Google link and take that for gospel .​
Research it​ a​ bit further .​
Have it​ come from a​ respectable company or​ magazine .​

Include relevant quotes from experts in​ your field that will reinforce what you are saying .​
Approach authors,​ leaders in​ your Industry,​ and other experts that back up the​ facts you are stating in​ your release .​
They will normally appreciate the​ added publicity and you get the​ quote you’re looking for .​
For example,​ as​ an​ author I’ll often get asked to​ provide a​ quote for an​ article on​ home-based businesses or​ the​ virtual assistant industry .​
I​ welcome the​ opportunity as​ it​ provides me more publicity.

Also,​ if​ you have a​ satisfied client that you feel will add credibility to​ your Release,​ add a​ quote from them as​ well .​
the​ first time you mention the​ expert,​ write out their full name .​
Then list them by last name or​ Mr .​
and Mrs .​
Smith only .​
I​ normally prefer the​ last name .​

The last paragraph should be your call to​ action .​
You’ve talked the​ whole release about your business or​ product,​ now tell them what to​ do with the​ knowledge they just acquired.
At the​ bottom of​ the​ release include ### to​ indicate you are done,​ followed by a​ short bio .​
Make sure if​ you include your website that you include in​ front of​ it​ for search engine recognition.
Your bio should include your information,​ any books authored,​ etc .​
Double check this for accuracy .​
At this point,​ you’re tired and done with the​ Release .​
But if​ it​ goes out to​ the​ world with the​ wrong web address,​ the​ valuable time spent even writing the​ Release has been wasted.
That’s it! the​ basics for writing a​ press release .​
Now one other thing I’d like to​ add in,​ they work! They truly work .​
I’ve had a​ recent release get accepted by PRWeb (and yes they do reject bad ones!),​ and then go on​ to​ hit several other major newspapers and media outlets and the​ Google alert,​ which resulted in​ our paper in​ the​ area contacting me .​
You want to​ set up a​ Google news alert for your name so that you can follow the​ path and see when you make the​ news so you can follow up .​
Also,​ PRWeb at​ has complete guidelines for setting up a​ good press release .​
Go with the​ extra money and spend $20.00 .​
It’s worth it​ to​ get the​ additional exposure.

Steps To A Writing An Effective Press Releases

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