Stealing Cars And Other Ways To Make Extra Money

Stealing Cars And Other Ways To Make Extra Money

Stealing Cars And Other Ways to​ Make Extra Money
I was looking for ways to​ make extra money,​ but didn't want the​ usual jobs .​
Being just twenty one at​ the​ time,​ I​ was willing to​ try almost anything .​
So when my brother's towing business got a​ contract to​ repossess cars,​ I​ was ready to​ be a​ repo man .​
Soon I​ was prowling in​ the​ night with my brother,​ looking for and legally stealing cars.
He could only pay for each car we took,​ so we had a​ lot of​ motivation to​ find them and get them .​
At various times we were chased by a​ crowd,​ had the​ window of​ the​ tow truck pulled out,​ and had a​ guns pulled on​ us .​
It was fun at​ the​ time,​ but the​ following are some less dangerous ways to​ make extra money.
Selling Things to​ Make Extra Money
Camping at​ a​ desert hot spring one winter,​ my wife and I​ met a​ man who sold used stuffed animals on​ the​ side of​ the​ highway .​
He buys the​ stuffed animals at​ thrift stores .​
At first,​ he even got the​ stores to​ give him the​ animals,​ with the​ agreement that he would return with the​ money or​ the​ animals the​ next week .​
Some small towns sell a​ vendor's permit cheaply ($18/year,​ for example) .​
Otherwise he just set up his stand until he was chased out of​ the​ county .​
He was never fined,​ and claims he sold $4,​000 worth his first month .​
Perhaps he was exaggerating,​ but because of​ him we sold used stuffed animals in​ our flea market stands with some success.
Walking sticks were a​ better seller .​
One summer I​ sold over a​ thousand dollars worth alongside our other items .​
I​ made them quickly,​ adding handgrips made from recycled leather jackets .​
They cost about 50 cents to​ make,​ and sold for $6 to​ $26.
While at​ the​ flea markets,​ we discovered why so many people were pulling things out of​ the​ piles of​ stuff on​ the​ curbs of​ our town during spring clean-up .​
People throw away good radios,​ furniture,​ toys and more .​
Others run around gathering it​ up to​ clean and sell at​ flea markets .​
It cost them gas for the​ car or​ truck,​ and usually around $10 per day for a​ spot at​ the​ market.
Business Investing to​ Make Extra Money
I used to​ put up the​ cash to​ buy cars for a​ couple different friends .​
They knew cars,​ I​ had cash .​
My brother saw a​ repossessed truck for sale for $900,​ for example,​ and knew it​ was worth at​ least $2000 .​
I​ put up the​ money,​ the​ truck sold for $2100,​ netting us $900 after expenses .​
We split the​ profit .​
$450 on​ a​ $900 investment in​ ten days is​ a​ decent return.
An acquaintance of​ mine used to​ find fantastic buys on​ used restaurant equipment .​
If he had looked for more than just what he needed for his little coffee shop,​ he could have easily made a​ few hundred dollars extra money each week,​ just buying and quickly reselling ovens,​ coolers and display cases.
As my own example shows,​ you​ don't need to​ know much about the​ value of​ things to​ make money investing in​ them for resale .​
You just have to​ know someone who does know enough .​
Then you​ just put up the​ money and collect your share of​ the​ profits .​
This has to​ be one of​ the​ easier ways to​ make extra money.

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