Starting Your Homeschool

Starting Your Homeschool

For some reason you've decided to​ homeschool.

Is it​ because you don't like or​ agree with the​ curriculum of​ the​ public schools? or​ maybe you don't want your child to​ be exposed to​ peer pressure before you've taught your child right and wrong?

Possibly it's because you'd like for your child to​ attend private school but you just don't have the​ finances to​ afford it.

Another possibility is​ that your child is​ a​ special needs child,​ maybe slower than normal,​ and you don't trust the​ public schools to​ give him/her the​ special attention that you know they will need.

Whatever the​ reason,​ you've decided that you,​ as​ a​ parent,​ can do a​ better job of​ attending to​ and nurturing your child's educational growth and learning than other alternatives available to​ you.

If you're new to​ this,​ you'll find that the​ biggest problem that you'll encounter is​ that there's almost no way to​ generalize the​ home school concept,​ because each case is​ different. There is​ no right and wrong. in​ fact - probably one of​ the​ unstated reasons you've chosen to​ do home schooling and one of​ the​ main benefits is​ that you get to​ pretty much create your own set of​ right and wrong rules.

You set the​ curriculum. And depending on​ what state you live in,​ you choose the​ instructional materials,​ the​ books,​ the​ hours,​ and so on.

And on​ the​ negative side,​ when you run into difficulties with your students (i.e.,​ your kids) you and your family will have to​ resolve them yourself,​ with little or​ no help from the​ state.

No matter what your approach there are two things you are going to​ have to​ do:

1. You're going to​ have to​ educate yourself about home schooling. This means renting or​ buying home school educational dvds. You should also make it​ a​ point to​ read books written by ordinary people who have gone through the​ very things you're about to​ so you can avoid making their mistakes with your kids.

2. There is​ no nationwide agreement on​ what a​ home school accreditation program should look like or​ include. Each state,​ municipality,​ and school district is​ different. Unavoidably,​ you're going to​ have to​ become familiar with and abide by the​ statues governing homeschooling in​ your particular state.

Aside from those two things,​ I think the​ basic thing you can give your home school child is​ a​ loving and supporting "classroom" environment .

Starting Your Homeschool

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