Start Writing A Novel Today Whats Stopping You

Start Writing A Novel Today Whats Stopping You

When you start writing a​ novel you may find doing so somewhat more difficult than you expected. You are not alone when you make this discovery,​ as​ many novice writers and even published authors find themselves in​ the​ very same predicament. Perhaps one of​ the​ most difficult things may be trying to​ discover who,​ what,​ where,​ when,​ why and how you are going to​ develop the​ next "Pulitzer Prize Winning" fiction book. This article will provide you with a​ number of​ thoughts and ideas which should make your task not quite so difficult and much more enjoyable.

Your mental attitude,​ about why you are writing the​ book of​ your dreams,​ may well be the​ governing factor in​ the​ success or​ failure of​ your book. a​ good attitude would be looking at​ your book as​ something you have always wanted to​ do,​ not necessarily as​ the​ one thing which will propel you from rags to​ riches.

To help you get in​ the​ right frame of​ mind about this,​ perhaps you should check out some of​ the​ statistics about having a​ book published in​ the​ United States. You should know that approximately 162,​000 books are published a​ year. Please don't let the​ statistics deter you from your writing. On the​ contrary,​ if​ 162,​000 books will be "born",​ yours can be too. in​ other words,​ you may well be the​ next "Best Selling Author" just be realistic about the​ reasons you are writing and the​ expectations you have for your writing. Doing anything because you love to​ do it​ will always make it​ easier to​ complete.

You now have the​ right mental attitude now let's move on​ to​ what you are going to​ write about.

Obviously,​ you already have an​ idea or​ thoughts on​ what you want to​ write about. if​ you are a​ first time novelist,​ it​ is​ important for you to​ consider writing on​ something which you are passionate and have knowledge of. By doing so you will reduce the​ chances of​ you becoming bored and you can rest assured that if​ you become bored with the​ topic,​ it​ will increase the​ difficulty of​ writing your book.

One of​ the​ things that ties directly in​ with the​ subject of​ your book,​ will be the​ style of​ writing you elect to​ use. Let's presume you are a​ police officer and have decided you are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about solving murder mysteries. Take a​ trip to​ your library and check out as​ many books,​ by different authors,​ about murder mystery as​ you can. Read every book and while reading take notes about the​ style of​ the​ authors writing. You will soon begin to​ recognize the​ style that fits you the​ best.

As you are well aware there are many other aspects to​ writing,​ which can make writing a​ book difficult,​ they are beyond the​ scope of​ this article at​ this time. However,​ by having the​ right mental attitude,​ writing about something you know or​ very passionate about,​ taking the​ time to​ develop your own style,​ you should be able to​ start writing a​ novel which could become the​ next "best seller" - especially with some solid guidance.

Start Writing A Novel Today Whats Stopping You

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