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What is​ Self Esteem?

High self esteem is​ an​ extremely important characteristic of​ all highly successful people. Without high levels of​ self esteem you​ are unlikely to​ see yourself as​ being worthy of​ success or​ happiness, and​ as​ a​ result will never truly try your​ hardest to​ achieve it.

High self esteem will give you​ the courage to​ keep going when things get tough, and​ believe in​ yourself when others say you​ will never accomplish something. Developing and​ building self esteem is​ therefore one of​ the most important and​ valuable things you​ could ever do for​ yourself. Unfortunately, the value of​ self esteem is​ often overlooked, yet the truth is​ we could all improve our level of​ self esteem in​ some way or​ another.

Things That Build Self Esteem

The things that improve your​ self esteem are quite simple. Basically anything that makes you​ feel good about yourself, makes you​ feel important or​ valuable as​ a​ person​ will build your​ level of​ self esteem. So if​ your​ life is​ full of​ these things on​ a​ consistent daily basis, then your​ level of​ self esteem will automatically rise.

However the opposite is​ also true. So anything that makes you​ feel bad, reduces your​ feelings of​ worthiness or​ importance, will lower your​ self esteem.

Causes of​ Low Self Esteem

So when you​ look at​ self esteem like this, you​ can see that overall self esteem is​ just a​ balance between things that make you​ feel good, and​ things that make you​ feel bad. if​ you​ feel good more often than you​ do bad, you​ will have high self esteem and​ vice versa.

So why is​ this​ important? Well many people who suffer from low levels of​ self esteem continue to​ expose themselves to​ things that make them feel bad. They may hang around with the same people everyday who laugh at​ them, or​ treat them disrespectfully. They may talk to​ themselves in​ a​ way that lacks respect, such as​ saying they are a​ looser or​ that they can’t do anything. or​ they may do other things which day by day make them feel the same way.

Change your​ Life, Change your​ Thoughts

So the key here is​ change. if​ you​ are able to​ identify the things that make you​ feel bad, and​ replace them with the things that make you​ feel good, ultimately your​ self esteem will improve. you​ won’t have to​ try to​ improve and​ build up your​ self esteem, it​ will just happen automatically.

this​ principle of​ change is​ so simple it​ is​ often overlooked, because people become used to​ doing the same things day in​ day out. The trouble with this​ is​ that by doing the same things everyday, your​ thought patterns remain​ the same everyday and​ so you​ FEEL the same everyday. this​ is​ the real value and​ importance of​ change, which is​ why sometimes you​ need to​ change your​ life first, before you​ can change your​ thoughts.

Change will break your​ current thought patterns and​ create new patterns of​ thought. it​ is​ up to​ you​ to​ create patterns that will improve and​ enrich your​ life, and​ you​ do this​ by exposing yourself to​ things that make you​ feel good about yourself and​ raise your​ value as​ a​ person.

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