Spam Blockers And A Kinder And Gentler Marketing Approach

An advance in​ spam blocking is​ another really good reason to​ take list building seriously.

The status quo in​ list building had been to​ lease a​ list and flood thousands of​ inboxes with your message. This cold call approach may result in​ some sales,​ but more often it​ results in​ angry recipients who reported your email marketing effort as​ spam.

As spam blockers became more prominent in​ almost every email system this approach to​ email marketing has often implode on​ itself.

The email marketing message itself may have been solid and even useful. the​ intent may not have been to​ spam. in​ fact,​ I believe there are some well-meaning online businesses that simply view mass email marketing campaigns in​ the​ same way they might have in​ direct mail for a​ brick and mortar counterpart.

The problem is​ with spam blockers most of​ these messages are never making it​ to​ their intended recipient. in​ essence the​ use of​ a​ leased list is​ a​ bit like flushing money down a​ commode.

Spam blocking software makes it​ more important than ever for online businesses to​ ensure recipients the​ only emails they will receive are the​ ones that they either ask for or​ are designed to​ confirm their order and shipping information once a​ sale has been completed.

To put this in​ perspective imagine if​ individuals had their own ‘mail guard’. These individuals would be hired to​ follow you​ to​ the​ mailbox and sort through your mail making sure you​ only received personal correspondence from people you​ knew along with pertinent banking and billing mailings. They would eliminate certain mail order catalogues you​ have never ordered from and are not sure how you​ made it​ on​ their list. No more sweepstakes entries of​ magazine offers. No more sales flyers from businesses you’ve never heard of​ and postcards trying to​ sell a​ new satellite television system.

You might be thinking that this would be a​ great service to​ have. However,​ in​ an​ online environment it​ is​ a​ reality. Spam blockers are constantly upgraded in​ an​ effort to​ reduce ‘junk mail’ from hitting your inbox. Most of​ the​ time the​ mail is​ diverted to​ the​ spam folder where you​ can look at​ it​ if​ you​ want. in​ most cases it​ is​ automatically deleted from your account in​ about a​ month.

Because the​ online world is​ insisting on​ protection from unwanted emails this should cause online businesses to​ learn what they can about email marketing and transform their strategies to​ meet the​ needs of​ actual customers and prospects instead of​ pounding on​ doors that read,​ “No Admittance.”

The use of​ spam blockers is​ a​ benefit to​ consumers and a​ challenge to​ online business. the​ role of​ business is​ becoming strongly geared toward meeting the​ needs of​ consumers. in​ fact online business may be more responsive to​ the​ actual and perceived needs of​ the​ consumer than brick and mortar counterparts.

The reason is​ that spam blockers along with other online consumer benefits have led business away from the​ blitz and toward a​ consumer-centric approach to​ doing business before,​ during and after the​ sale.

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