Sometimes It Pays To Follow The Crowd 3 Online Marketing Trends You Can Use

Sometimes It Pays To Follow The Crowd 3 Online Marketing Trends You Can

It doesn’t matter if​ running an​ eBiz is​ old hat for you​ or​ if​ you’re just getting started: advertising is​ always going to​ be a​ key element of​ your business strategy. Search engine marketing is​ probably the​ biggest tool you​ have available for promoting your web store,​ so you​ need to​ stay on​ top of​ the​ trends in​ that area to​ be competitive.

1. Blogging for Profit

One of​ the​ hottest trends on​ the​ internet right now is​ blogging. What started as​ informal personal journaling has become a​ great way to​ boost your website’s traffic. Adding a​ blog to​ your website gives it​ a​ personal face,​ thereby increasing the​ quality of​ your site and giving your customers a​ reason to​ come back. if​ your eBiz specializes in​ chocolates,​ you​ can blog your favorite recipe for chocolate fudge brownies or​ an​ article highlighting the​ benefits of​ eating chocolate.

Blogging about topics related to​ the​ product or​ service you​ offer is​ also a​ way to​ get ahead in​ search engines’ natural listings. And there are several reasons for that:

• You’re constantly adding fresh,​ relevant content which is​ exactly what search engines are looking for.

• You’re constantly adding keywords in​ those blogs.

• Blogs are getting preference in​ search engine rankings right now. This is​ especially true of​ Google—even more so if​ you​ use Google’s blogging service,​

2. Results you​ Can See

Internet marketing expert Derek Gehl,​ of​,​ shares how an​ increased demand for trackable results in​ paid advertising in​ the​ last few years is​ working to​ your advantage. When you​ run a​ pay per click advertising campaign,​ search engine companies actually give you​ the​ tools to​ monitor the​ visitors each keyword brings to​ your site. Gehl recommends running a​ keyword campaign to​ track which keywords bring in​ sales conversions as​ opposed to​ those that only bring in​ traffic.

According to​ Gehl,​ it’s a​ good idea to​ “start with…anywhere from 250 to​ 500 keywords and keyphrases targeted to​ your specific market…That’s considered a​ good test.” Don’t bid too much; you​ can still get a​ lot of​ words for 10 and 15 cents. From there,​ you​ can gauge what direction will be the​ most advantageous for you​ to​ take.

3. You’ve Got Mail—Running a​ Smart Email Campaign

If your business has conducted any email campaigns of​ late,​ you​ have probably been affected by the​ new changes in​ spamming laws. the​ recent crackdown on​ spammers has made it​ increasingly difficult for legitimate business’ mailers to​ reach their customers’ inboxes. But what most eBiz owners don’t know is​ that the​ big email service providers (Yahoo,​ Hotmail,​ AOL,​ etc.) have what are called “white lists.” Gehl counsels,​ “If you​ go to​ those websites,​ if​ you’re a​ legitimate email marketer,​ you​ can go through a​ process with each of​ those websites to​ get white listed. And once you’re on​ that white list your email automatically goes to​ that inbox.”

Sometimes It Pays To Follow The Crowd 3 Online Marketing Trends You Can

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