Some Tips For Writing Your Own Magick Spells

Writing your own spells is​ what every practicing Witch aspires to. the​ ability to​ craft your own spells gives you an​ advantage over "ready made" spells you can find in​ other places. This is​ because you will be putting your own emotion and energy into the​ spell in​ it's creation... it​ will be more "special" to​ you,​ and that is​ the​ secret of​ casting successful spells.

If you want to​ learn black magic,​ all of​ the​ below holds true.

The ingredients and tools that you use are purely dependent upon not only what traditional magickal properties they might possess,​ but also what they mean to​ you as​ far as​ symbology goes.

There are different ways to​ set up the​ wording of​ your spells. They can be as​ simple as​ a​ two line “charge” to​ enforce your will,​ rhyming couplets (my personal favorite,​ since it​ helps me to​ better remember the​ words without referring back to​ written instructions),​ eloquent and lengthy prose to​ charge the​ spell to​ the​ energy of​ your will,​ or​ simply the​ use of​ repeating or​ chanting a​ single word over and over again.

Everything that you put into the​ spell – the​ ingredients,​ the​ words,​ the​ time of​ day,​ etc – come together with your desire,​ emotion,​ and belief to​ bring your desired outcome (sometimes within a​ day).

A quick word of​ warning: you should “steer clear” of​ casting spells to​ harm or​ control other people in​ any way. Not only does this go against the​ Witchcraft Ethics and Responsibilities I went over before – but trying to​ control someone else (or cause harm to​ them),​ opens doors in​ the​ future that you may not want opened. I have seen people loose everything because they practiced Magick in​ ways that go against common morality. Always make sure your heart is​ in​ the​ right place,​ and that you feel good about casting a​ spell.

Now,​ here are the​ things you will want to​ do while creating your spell. Make sure to​ write down an​ outline for the​ spell on​ paper so you won’t forget anything.

• Even if​ your spell is​ sounding silly as​ you write it​ – keep writing,​ as​ long as​ it​ is​ coming from your heart,​ and is​ for an​ intense desire that you have.
• Unless it​ is​ an​ emergency situation,​ plan out the​ best timing for when to​ cast the​ spell – planetary influences,​ moon phases,​ etc.
• When you have finished your spell,​ write it​ down in​ your Book of​ Shadows.
• Record the​ results of​ your spell,​ and any feelings you had while casting it​ in​ your Book of​ Shadows
• Revise the​ spell as​ necessary (in your Book of​ Shadows) as​ you figure out what went right and what went wrong.

I have included an​ easy 12-step formula for you to​ use when creating your own spells in​ the​ Home Academy. I also walk you through a​ full example of​ a​ secret spell I wrote many years ago (and I have never showed anybody until now). Not only will it​ give you a​ great example to​ follow when you write your own spells,​ but it​ is​ also a​ spell you can use for yourself. I promise,​ you’ll love it!

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