Some Do It Yourself Tips For Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

Some Do It Yourself Tips For Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

Who in​ this​ world wouldn’t want his/her material assets to​ last long? of​ course we all do. and​ if​ your​ air conditioner goes faulty, you​ may have to​ incur a​ high cost for​ its repair. So it’s always better to​ maintain​ it​ to​ help it​ last longer. That way, you​ will be able to​ save up a​ lot of​ your​ finances throughout life.

To help you​ keep your​ air conditioner running smooth and​ trouble-free, here are some tips which you​ may follow:

1. Keep an​ eye on​ the hoses to​ check if​ there are any leaks on​ them. Do this​ at​ least twice a​ year—once before you​ start using it​ for​ the summer months and​ another when you​ stop using it​ with the coming of​ winter. These are the best times to​ check leaks and​ in​ case you​ spot any, you​ can repair it​ right away before it​ gets worse.

2. Keep the compressor always clean. it​ is​ the most valuable part of​ the air conditioning unit and​ costs a​ lot to​ replace. and​ of​ course, it​ catches dirt in​ all the pollution​ around. So a​ little bit of​ spray cleaning of​ the compressor can ensure a​ longer life for​ it.

3. Every two years, call a​ professional to​ clean the ductworks for​ your​ air conditioner. this​ is​ not anything great or​ hard, nor a​ must. But keeping them clean assures better life for​ the whole machine.

4. The compressor should be kept covered when not in​ use, especially in​ the winter season. it​ must always be well-protected from harsh snows or​ sleet or​ rains. Some companies have their own compressor covers for​ the unit. So ask for​ one when you​ are buying your​ air conditioner. These covers are easy-to-fit and​ hassle-free. But if​ you​ don’t get such covers, manage on​ your​ own. But protect the compressor always.

These simple do-it-yourself maintenance steps should ideally be followed by every owner of​ an​ air conditioner if​ he/she wants the machine to​ last longer and​ better.

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