Social Bookmarking The Ultimate Viral Marketing

Social Bookmarking - the​ Ultimate Viral Marketing
Social Bookmarking could be one of​ the​ best things that ever happened to​ websites and blogs.
Basically Social Bookmarketing sites allow users to​ create a​ set of​ content bookmarks .​
These bookmarks are organized by tags,​ which are (usually) arbitrary words or​ phrases the​ user can assign to​ content .​
This gives the​ user a​ way to​ classify,​ rank and organize content using tags .​
The most popular Social Bookmarking Site is​ del.ici.ous,​ which has millions of​ users.
Social Bookmarking sites have an​ intrinsic advantage over search engines and other bots — people choose what to​ bookmark rather than relying on​ a​ program to​ categorize and qualify content .​
There is​ an​ implied quality in​ something that someone has taken the​ time to​ select.
Social Bookmarkers read other people’s bookmarks and add them to​ their own if​ they like them .​
There are also RSS feeds so people can see what others are tagging,​ which I​ think is​ really cool,​ and a​ textbook example of​ viral marketing.
About 4% of​ my referrers this month are related,​ including .8% off the​ home page,​ meaning that people click on​ my link when they see it​ pop up in​ their RSS feed .​
I​ get a​ goodly amount of​ traffic from technorati as​ well,​ but I​ would call that site a​ business bookmarking site,​ so I’m not going to​ mention it​ here.
I only provide a​ facility on​ AffiliateBlog for tagging .​
There is​ a​ terrific WordPress plugin called Sociable that allows direct tagging for tons of​ Social Bookmarking sites .​
If you​ don’t have it​ as​ part of​ your blog you​ should get it​ and install it​ today .​
This blog is​ being redesigned and should be done in​ a​ few weeks .​
The new design will incorporate Sociable.
So…what can you​ do to​ get the​ social bookmarking virus ramped up? I​ see two basic considerations:
1 .​
Write good content .​
Darren Rouse had an​ interesting observation about items that make it​ to​ the​ top of​ the​ site .​
You can take a​ look,​ but basically he observes that lists,​ how-tos,​ technical articles and humor get to​ the​ top faster.
2 .​
Give people the​ tools to​ bookmark easily .​
If you​ have a​ blog,​ use Sociable .​
It’s terrific .​
If you​ have a​ site,​ there are plenty of​ interesting tools that will help you​ make it​ easy for your visitors to​ bookmark your content .​ is​ a​ good one.
There are Social Bookmarking sites popping up all over the​ place .​
Here are the​ Top 10 .​
Where did I​ find them? in​ someone’s bookmark list on​ Listable,​ of​ course.

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