Sms Marketing

SMS Marketing
Since text messaging first became available in​ 1996 it​ has a​ mass market communication platform and a​ cultural phenomenon of​ the​ 21st Century.
The use of​ SMS will continue to​ grow as​ companies turn the​ service into a​ critical business function .​
Text messaging's ability to​ immediately reach a​ customer anywhere and its low cost offer the​ ability to​ reach customers (external and internal) with a​ personally targeted message delivered into their pocket in​ real time.
Used properly SMS marketing is​ really effective Customer Relationship Management as​ it​ goes a​ long way to​ giving information,​ knowledge and empowerment to​ customers and the​ understanding that my supplier is​ really looking out for me .​
For example: an​ insurer or​ broker sending details of​ local emergency numbers such as​ hospitals and consulates.
It’s not all about ring tones and logos .​
There are many different uses for SMS including notification,​ emergency advisories,​ scheduling,​ news and information and staff collaboration.
SMS can generate very high levels of​ response,​ but a​ campaign must leverage the​ medium’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses .​
The key element of​ a​ successful campaign is​ value and entertainment .​
To market to​ someone effectively you​ must provide them value and / or​ entertainment in​ each SMS message.
It is​ also important that your campaign targets recipients who have expressly given their consent to​ receive messages from you​ .​
You must also provide them with a​ simple and free method of​ opting out from further messaging.
Successful SMS marketing is​ about:
- Saying the​ right thing.
- to​ the​ right person.
- At the​ right time.
The greatest strength of​ SMS is​ its immediacy .​
Examples of​ how to​ use it​ are:
Voting is​ an​ exciting way to​ engage your audience and let them have their say .​
Big Brother 3 created 3 million votes.
Instant Win
Instant win prizes where customers can find out if​ they have won a​ prize straight away really work.
Timed Vouchers
Timed vouchers drive footfall into your store,​ bar,​ club,​ theatre,​ cinema,​ petrol station etc and if​ you​ want user interaction then using a​ viral campaign where vouchers can be sent onto friends and family increases response .​
The SMS advises time the​ voucher becomes invalid.
Customer Service
Daily recipe ideas,​ special promotion alerts,​ diet tips,​ cocktail recipe ideas,​ music reviews,​ release dates,​ Top 10 charts,​ in​ store promotion alerts.
You are only limited by your imagination!

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